The government wants to take a step towards youth.

Elisabeth Borne said she was ready on Monday, during a meeting in Matignon, to "associate" young people with the preparation of public policies relating to the ecological transition.

"I hear (…) your request to associate yourself, not just occasionally but on an ongoing basis, with the preparation of policies on all these subjects", affirmed the Prime Minister at the end of a National Council for Refoundation ( CNR) at Matignon devoted to youth and ecology.

“You can count on me and my government to go in this direction.


After the launch of the youth CNR in December, the head of government will lead a total of five thematic CNRs such as the one on ecology, during which around thirty young people exchanged views with five ministers: Pap Ndiaye (Education), Christophe Béchu (Ecological transition ), Sylvie Retailleau (Higher Education), Agnès Pannier-Runacher (Energy Transition), Sarah El Hairy (Youth).

Towards a Toefl on the environment

The Prime Minister has retained the idea of ​​an evaluation on the environment, on the model of the Toefl for English or the Pix on digital skills, to "measure where we are, each in their awareness, in knowledge of these issues.

She also promised to "look at how we can move forward" on the subject of free transport for young people, after the announcement on Sunday of 60,000 free train tickets between France and Germany.

Questioned by a young girl who found it "contradictory to seek to promote the commitment of young people on climate issues while criminalizing some of the people who get involved" and who denounced the term "eco-terrorist" used by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, the head of government assured that it was "not at all a question of pointing out the behavior of young people who demonstrate in a peaceful way".

“What was in question is undoubtedly people who, on the sidelines of these demonstrations, arrive by not being militants at all (…) and who have very violent actions”, replied the head of government. .

While participants suggested the development of applications on ecology, she praised Ecowatt, for its contribution to the 10% reduction in energy consumption, and the "small choices, small gestures" which can "allow us to make considerable leaps.


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