The Israeli occupation army announced the launch of a major joint maneuver with the Central Command of the US Army, while official Hebrew media described it as "the most important of all" and carries a message to Iran.

The occupation army said in a statement that the "Juniper Oak" maneuver "will test the extent of joint Israeli-American readiness and strengthen operational relations between the two armies."

According to the statement, missile ships and a submarine from the Israeli Navy will conduct a joint maneuver with an American aircraft carrier, and the "Sa'ar 5" missile ships will be refueled in the middle of the sea by an American tanker, with the aim of "expanding the ranges and areas of the Israeli army's operations in routine and emergency cases."

While the Israeli and American air, sea and land forces will fire at targets that simulate maritime threats.

According to the statement, "the Israeli and American air forces will practice different scenarios with the participation of many warplanes, transport planes, drones, reconnaissance planes, and heavy American bombers, and live bombs will be dropped in the south of the country."

Israeli "Ram" refueling planes and American "Boeing KC-46A" refueling planes, which will refuel both fighter jets and bombers, will participate in the maneuver.

During the maneuver, "the ground forces will conduct joint training and launch dozens of rockets, as long-range rockets will be fired from the American HIMARS system and from Israeli platforms," ​​according to the statement.

Thousands of soldiers are participating

The Hebrew newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, said that 6,400 American soldiers will take part in the maneuver, 450 of whom are on Israeli soil and the rest aboard the giant US aircraft carrier, the USS George Bush.

The Bush aircraft carrier includes B-52 bombers and F-35, F-15, F-16 and F-18 fighters, which will also participate in the maneuver, according to the same source.

Dozens of aircraft will participate in the joint exercise between Israel and the United States (Reuters)

She added that 142 aircraft, including bombers that can carry nuclear weapons, will participate in the exercise, which will be trained on an attack model in Iran.

"The forces will train for a scenario of attack in Iran that includes penetrating the territory of an enemy country, overcoming advanced air defense systems and destroying protected targets underground," it added.

This will be the third time since last year that the air forces of both armies conduct exercises simulating an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, according to the newspaper.

Most important of all

For its part, the official Israeli Broadcasting Authority stated that the talk is about "the most important joint military maneuver between the two parties ever."

The maneuver is scheduled to continue until next Friday, according to the same source.

Quoting an unnamed US official, the commission added that the maneuver carries a message that "the war in Ukraine, which has been going on since February 24, and the Chinese threat, do not make the United States ignore the Iranian threat... Iran will see the strength and size of the maneuver and will understand what our two countries can do."

Regional and Western capitals accuse Tehran of having an expansionist agenda in the region and seeking to produce nuclear weapons, while Iran says it adheres to the principles of good neighborliness and that its nuclear program is designed for peaceful purposes, especially the production of electricity.

Tel Aviv possesses a nuclear arsenal that is not subject to international supervision, and Israel and Iran consider the other party its first enemy.