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Food, drink, grease, blood, paint… There is no shortage of opportunities to get stained in our daily lives, which is not a good sign for our laundry.

However, many can be removed by machine thanks to the use of an effective textile stain remover.

You do not know which one to choose among the multitude of existing products?

Here is a small selection of the best fabric stain removers to choose from in 2023.

The selection of the 7 best textile stain removers to choose from in 2023:

  • Dr. Beckmann Oxi-Power: the effective and inexpensive stain remover

  • Rubigine Extrême: stubborn stain specialist 

  • Starwax Fabulous - Ox Gall Soap: the solid organic and natural stain remover

  • Vanish Oxi Action - Dry stain remover: simple, fast and powerful

  • Tide To Go Instant Stain: the on-the-go stain remover pen

  • Ecover Anti-stains: ecological and practical with its integrated brush

  • Shout Wipe & Go: the wipe format to remove stains quickly

Dr Beckmann Oxi-Power: the effective and inexpensive stain remover

For a very affordable price, this textile stain remover from Dr. Beckmann does not give tough stains, such as coffee, fruit or even wine, a chance.

Practical, its bottle is equipped with a vaporizer, allowing to target the dirt in a very precise way.

In addition, the sprayer is double action, since it is possible to choose between a spray and a foaming action.

Its use is very simple: apply the product to the affected area and leave to act for 10 minutes before washing in the washing machine.

Its bubbling effect will facilitate the decomposition of the stain.

Also neutralizing odors, its formula works, even with delicate textiles, such as wool or silk.

All this, at a very low price.

Most :

  • Very good value for money ;

  • High efficiency;

  • The "pistol" format is really practical.

The lessers : 

  • Less effective for really stubborn stains (blood, wine, etc.);

  • Dangerous product in case of contact with eyes;

  • Even without perfume, smell a bit peculiar.

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Rubigine Extrême: stubborn stain specialist 

Blood, chocolate, eggs… As its name suggests, the Rubigine Extrême brand has decided to tackle the most stubborn stains.

Their promise?

Eliminate 99% of these, without damaging the textile, whether cotton, synthetic or more delicate, such as silk or wool.

Its specificity as a stain remover for tough stains is that it does not contain bleach.

Its formula is, in fact, composed of anionic surfactants and soap.

On the practical side, the application is quite simple.

A few drops are enough, directly on the stained area, which also compensates for the small size of the bottle. 

Most :

  • An effective product for stubborn stains;

  • Effective even on dry dirt;

  • A few drops are enough;

  • The stain remover works with all textiles;

  • A fairly easy application.

The lessers : 

  • Fairly expensive product;

  • Even concentrated, the bottle remains small;

  • The cap is not secure.

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Starwax Fabulous - Ox Gall Soap: the solid organic and natural stain remover

Specialist in the ingredients of yesteryear, the brand Starwax Fabulous presents here a very effective textile stain remover.

Like many cosmetics and household products, this one stands out for its solid, biodegradable and 100% natural form.

Indeed, the composition shows it: the main active ingredient turns out to be ox gall, with extremely powerful stain-removing power on textiles and used by our grandmothers for a long time.

This ox bile is ultra effective for any stain on any textile (even the most delicate).

Its use is very simple: before going through the machine, just moisten the soap and rub the area of ​​the textile concerned.

Leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes, before starting the usual washing cycle.

The toughest stains will be gone. 

Most :

  • The formidable effectiveness of ox bile;

  • 100% natural ingredients;

  • Ecological, biological and biodegradable product;

  • A rather pleasant smell, despite the ingredient that could be scary;

  • Its use is very simple and practical.

The lessers : 

  • This stain remover remains quite expensive;

  • Some stains still require thorough scrubbing;

  • It may tend to dry out the hands;

  • The soap bar is a bit small.

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Vanish Oxi Action - Dry stain remover: simple, fast and powerful

Vanish is probably the most famous brand of textile stain remover, and its reputation is not usurped.

Here we are dealing with a dry stain remover, ideal for fabrics that cannot be machine washed.

Its enriched formula is composed of bleaching agents, oxygen-based, ionic and anionic active ingredients.

The pistol-shaped format is very practical: a simple spray on the stain, you will see the result in 30 seconds, after drying the area with a cloth. 

Most :

  • Perfect for non-machine-washable textiles;

  • A recognized brand;

  • Fast and effective ;

  • Works on many types of stains;

  • Its use is very simple and practical.

The lessers : 

  • The product is expensive;

  • The small capacity of the bottle;

  • The ingredient list is a bit obscure;

  • May leave rings;

  • Requires multiple applications on older stains.

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Tide To Go Instant Stain: the on-the-go stain remover pen

If you tend to get stained away from home, where no washing machine is accessible, then this product is for you.

The Canadian brand Tide To Go offers this instant stain remover pen, very compact while remaining very effective.

Coffee, sauce or even grease stains do not resist its direct action.

They will have disappeared before they even become embedded in your textile.

In addition, its bleach-free formula allows use on a wide variety of fabrics, including the most delicate (wool, silk, velvet, etc.).

The use is simple: lightly sponge the area, shake the pen and press the tip, directly on the affected area. 

Most :

  • The compact format, easy to carry;

  • Its incredible effectiveness against recent stains;

  • Perfect for troubleshooting;

  • Works on many types of fabrics;

  • Its use is very simple and practical.

The lessers : 

  • The product is expensive;

  • It is not yet easy to find;

  • Less effective for dry stains;

  • The treated area stays moist for quite a long time.

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Ecover Anti-stains: ecological and practical with its integrated brush

Ecover offers us here an ecological stain remover, from its production to the bottle while passing by the ingredients.

No chemicals, biodegradable ingredients, plant-based components, 100% recyclable bottle, Zero Waste Premium certified manufacturing plant… Absolutely everything is thought out to be as eco-responsible as possible.

Dermatologically tested, the stain remover is suitable for sensitive skin.

Its concentrated formula is effective against the most difficult stains to remove, and above all, on all types of textiles.

To use, simply dampen the stain, then scrub the area directly with the built-in applicator brush.

After a classic wash cycle, dirt and odors will be gone.

Most :

  • Excellent value for money;

  • An ecological product in every way;

  • Dermatologically tested (suitable for sensitive skin);

  • Ingredients of plant origin;

  • The integrated brush for a really easy application.

The lessers : 

  • The size of the bottle, even if the product is concentrated;

  • May be hazardous to the eyes;

  • It is not found in large areas.

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Shout Wipe & Go: the wipe format to remove stains quickly

Here, the Shout brand offers an instant stain remover in the form of handy wipes.

The package slipping easily into a handbag, sports or travel bag, will allow you to react quickly in case of stains.

Indeed, the action of these wipes is instantaneous, they quickly remove dirt that is still fresh, before it becomes embedded in the fabric.

Effective on all types of fabric, they are also double-sided, which greatly facilitates their handling. 

Most :

  • Very effective for recent stains;

  • They do not leave wet marks;

  • The format is very convenient;

  • More effective than a stain remover pen;

  • No water needed to remove stains.

The lessers : 

  • Stain remover wipes are quite expensive;

  • This format is not the most ecological;

  • The package is a little too big;

  • Only 12 wipes in a pack.

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How to choose the right textile stain remover?

There are a few things to consider when finding your ideal fabric stain remover.

First, it is necessary to analyze your daily habits.

Indeed, the needs will not be the same whether you are a parent, a catering professional or simply very clumsy.

Do you often have a washing machine handy?

Do you often eat on the go, out?

Do you have carpets, or delicate fabrics?

These first answers will give you a good indication of the stain remover product to choose.

Then it is worth taking a close look at the ingredients of the product.

Some compositions are more or less ecological, can possibly cause irritation, or simply are not suitable for your fabrics... 

Finally, consider practicality when it comes to applying the stain remover.

A powder stain remover will, for example, be less easy to use than a gun format.

Wine, coffee, grease or even food stains no longer have a chance of ruining your fabrics.

Thanks to our selection, you now know which is the best textile stain remover to choose in 2023.

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