A former commander of a unit within the Russian Wagner mercenaries recounted exciting details about his recent escape to Norway, his success in avoiding the fire fired at him from the Russian side, and his misleading of the trained dogs that followed him.

And the Telegraph newspaper stated in a report that Andrei Medvedev claimed that he climbed - at dawn - two barbed wire fences on the 123-mile Russian-Norwegian border in the Arctic, and then ran across the frozen Pacific River.

Medvedev said that he did not stop running from the moment he fled, as he was afraid that trained dogs would reach him, and that he knocked on the door of the first house he found on the road after about two kilometers of running.

prisoner recruitment

The newspaper said that Medvedev is a criminal and a thief who was recruited by Wagner when he was out of prison, and he admitted that he signed a contract to fight for only 4 months, but when the period expired they forced him to stay and not leave his place.

Then he decided to leave, and thanks to the support of his friends, he managed to flee and hide inside Russia, and published a video clip last December exposing Wagner's practices.

Fearing that the "MIOD" unit, which pursues deserters from service in Wagner, would reach him, he decided to leave Russia, especially with his knowledge of what happened to one of the soldiers under his command, called Yevgeny Nogin, who was executed in a gruesome manner as a punishment for his escape from Wagner to Ukraine. which later handed him over to Russia in a prisoner exchange.

The Wagner Group has recruited thousands of prisoners to fight alongside it in exchange for promises of their freedom, as many detainees agree to cooperate in escaping from prison hell, but soon they are surprised by a harsh reality that is impossible for them to get out of, according to the Telegraph.