The police suspect that the fight in question is, among other things, about power over the drug market in Sundsvall.

According to SVT's reporter Diamant Salihu, many of the shootings and explosions that have taken place over the past week have been aimed at relatives of the two main characters in the conflict, which has led to revenge actions.

Some of the acts linked to the conflict are the explosion at a restaurant on Södermalm in Stockholm and a shooting in the district of Husby in the same city.

"Just lucky no one got hurt"

According to Diamant Salihu, there is a great risk that people who live in houses that are exposed to explosions or shelling will be injured if the violence does not stop.

- So far, we have only been lucky that no one has been hurt, he says.

The two main characters in the conflict - a 24-year-old man with connections to the criminal environment in Stockholm and a heavily criminally charged man in his 40s known as the "Kurdish fox" - are, according to SVT's information, at the height of the struggle for power over the drug market in Sundsvall.