Western countries are scheduled to hold a meeting in Germany on the 20th regarding military support to Ukraine, and the focus will be on whether the supply of German-made tanks will be decided.

In addition, representatives of 11 European countries, including the United Kingdom and the three Baltic states, have also compiled a joint statement stating that they will strengthen their military support.

US Secretary of Defense Austin and German Defense Minister Pistorius met in Berlin on the 19th, and at the meeting, it is believed that they discussed whether to provide Ukraine with a German tank "Leopard 2" with high attack capability.

On the 20th, a meeting will be held in western Germany to discuss military assistance to Ukraine by Western countries, and the focus will be on whether Germany will decide to provide it.

In addition, representatives of 11 European countries, including Britain, Poland, and the defense ministers of the three Baltic countries, held a meeting in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on the 19th and said, "We will provide unprecedented military supplies to defend Ukraine." issued a joint statement.

The statement emphasized, "We request that each support be implemented as soon as possible," with the meeting to be held in Germany in mind.

Meanwhile, Russian Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that the U.S. and European government's discussions about military aid to Ukraine, including the supply of tanks, "means raising the nature of the conflict to a new level. It does not bode well for European security," he said.