They demanded priority in “reception” and “call center” jobs and administrative tasks

Doubts about the abilities of people of determination top the challenges of employing them

  • The Employment Fair offers various jobs for people of determination.

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People of determination identified several challenges they face when applying for jobs in the labor market, most notably doubts about their ability to perform the tasks required of them, in addition to salaries and comparison with others.

They demanded that vacancies advertisers give them priority when hiring in the areas of reception, call center, and some administrative tasks.

This came on the sidelines of the "Employment Exhibition for Persons with Disabilities", which was organized yesterday at the House of Wisdom in the Emirate of Sharjah, the Masarat Center for Development and Empowerment, affiliated to Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, sponsored by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Aisha Abdullah, responsible for the employment department at the Masarat Center, said: "13 government and private agencies participated in the exhibition, which was held for one day, from ten in the morning to five in the evening, and offered nearly 20 vacancies for people of determination."

She added that «the exhibition targets those wishing to work in the category of people of determination, whether citizens or residents, and to provide them with the opportunity to learn about the jobs offered by the employers participating in it, and to apply for jobs that suit them», pointing out that the exhibition is also an opportunity to learn about the experiences And the skills of people of determination through conducting immediate interviews with them during the hours of the exhibition, which was visited by about 200 job seekers.

She stated that "the jobs offered include different fields, suitable for people of determination with different disabilities," noting that "the exhibition is the first organized by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and it is a continuation of the rehabilitation and education stage, as the stage of economic empowerment comes through the employment of city employees." .

For his part, the Public Relations and Events Officer at Bee'ah, Abd al-Rahman al-Hammadi, said: "During the exhibition, we received more than 30 resumes from people of determination, and the Human Resources Department in (Be'ah) will study these resumes, to choose the appropriate qualifications to fill the jobs that are offered."

On the other hand, Muhammad Saif (a job seeker) stated that he does not hold a qualification, but he is good at reading and writing, and he is looking for a suitable job in order to support himself and bear part of the cost of living with his family.

He pointed out that the biggest challenge facing his employment is his disability, because employers believe that disability weakens the enthusiasm of people of determination to perform job duties.

Khalid Hammoud Ibrahim (a job seeker) said: "The exhibition is a wonderful gesture from the Emirate of Sharjah, because it provides people with disabilities with multiple options of job opportunities to get acquainted with them in one place, in addition to the good organization of the exhibition," adding that his disability was the result of a traffic accident. It affected his movement and made him use a wheelchair.

He pointed out that the biggest challenge for hiring people of determination is that most of the jobs offered in employment fairs in general or on the websites of employers prefer those who do not suffer from any kind of disability, in addition to that the salaries offered to people of determination are significantly lower, compared to their colleagues. .

He said he wanted to take a job as a data entry or receptionist.

Abdullah Hazem Al-Qebsi (job seeker) stated that he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Sharia and Law from the University of Sharjah, in 2020, and trained in a law firm for a year, and is currently looking for an administrative job that follows legal affairs in any workplace, to suit his disability.

He stated that one of the most important challenges facing people of determination when hiring is that many employers do not believe in the practical capabilities of people of determination, in addition to the fact that most of the vacancies that are offered at employment fairs are not suitable for people of determination.

• 13 governmental and private agencies offered 20 vacancies for people of determination. 

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