China News Agency, Jilin, January 19th, title: The happiness of pork dishes in the Northeast

  China News Agency reporter Cang Yan Shi Hongyu

  In Shulan, Jilin, after the new year, "sitting" has become something that children look forward to.

  During the Chinese New Year this year, Chen Xiukun planned a 10-course feast of pig dishes for his neighbors.

The large steaming iron pot was set up in the middle of the yard, and Chen Xiukun's eyebrows were covered with frost in the condensed water vapor. Five or six neighbors who came to help were sorting the newly slaughtered New Year pigs.

  "Whoever slaughters a pig during the New Year will invite relatives and friends over to have a meal." Chen Xiukun said.

  "Small cold and great cold kill pigs for the New Year." In the rural areas of Northeast China, New Year's pig dishes are commonly known as "killing pig dishes". The original form was a rural banquet, which is an indispensable "hard dish" for the Spring Festival.

  The aroma of large pieces of pork stewed by firewood is attractive, and all kinds of side dishes are soft and delicious.

As soon as the steaming New Year’s pig dishes are served, the lively and festive flavor of the New Year becomes more intense. Sitting around with relatives and friends is really the happiest time of the year for Northeast people.

  Nian pig dishes are inherited from the customs of the Manchu ancestors in China.

Over time, the dishes have been continuously enriched, such as white meat blood sausage, braised pork with sauerkraut, jelly pork skin, fried pig heart, boiled meatball soup... It is no exaggeration to say that there are dozens of New Year’s pig dishes that are not repeated.

  Chen Xiukun told reporters that New Year's Pig dishes are delicacies that can last throughout the New Year.

  Pork skin jelly is a New Year's Eve "appetizer" for many people in Northeast China. It is made from pig skin.

Scrape off the fat part of the pork skin, clean it and cut it into small strips, add ginger and salt, boil it for two hours, put it in the refrigerator, wait for it to freeze, cut it into pieces, and serve it with garlic, soy sauce, etc., the taste is chewy toughness.

  Every New Year, many urban residents also drive into the village to eat New Year’s pig dishes to dispel the fatigue of the past year.

  "White meat blood sausage is worse than white meat sausage when the banquet is full." The production of blood sausage is quite elegant, and white meat blood sausage is also a classic dish in New Year's Pig dishes.

Zhang Hongbin, who is over sixty years old, has been in contact with the making of this dish since he was 19 years old.

As the head of the century-old "Jilin City Laobairou Restaurant", he is familiar with blood sausage cooking.

  Zhang Hongbin said that blood-clearing sausages and mixed-blood sausages can be made by filling pig blood with different methods.

  Among them, the taste of clearing blood sausage is the most rare.

After slaughtering the pig, wait for the pig blood to coagulate and precipitate, take the uppermost clear blood, add Chinese herbal medicine, old soup and various seasonings, and pour it into the clear intestine of the pig.

After cooking, the taste is light and the casing is crisp.

  The production of mixed sausage is not easy.

The difference is that after the blood sausage is filled, it needs to be roasted with fire, in order to roast out the lard.

After blanching in a pot to remove impurities, put it in the old soup to cook, and cut it into thin slices after taking it out of the pot.

Stew the blood sausage with a large piece of pork belly, and the excellent blood sausage butcher dish is born.

  Ding Sen, 71, only loves the taste of white meat and blood sausage.

As a native of the Northeast, the heat and excitement on the winter table accompany him from childhood to old age.

Every year as soon as winter comes, the anticipation of having a meal of pig-killing vegetables with relatives and friends begins.

The large pieces of meat are dipped in garlic cloves and soy sauce, and the blood sausage melts in the mouth. The satisfaction from the mouth to the heart is indescribable.

  Food is on the table, relatives and friends are by your side, and you can feel the happiness of eating pig dishes for the New Year.