• International Sister André, the oldest person in the world, dies at the age of 118

"May all your dreams and wishes come true. May you have a 2023 full of good moments. I cannot speak of days, hours or minutes, because my life is moments. Life is not eternal for anyone... At my age, a new year is a gift, a humble celebration, a new adventure, a beautiful journey, a moment of happiness. Let's enjoy life together."

With this very vital message,

Maria Branyas

congratulated the New Year on January 1st.

It is her last reflection on social networks since she is very active on the

Super Àvia Catalana

account, an account in which her family manages her memories and reflections.

And it is not for less, Branyas, who lives in the Santa Maria del Tura center in Olot (Girona) has become the oldest person in the world this Wednesday with 115 years, after the death of the French Lucile Randon.

The Gerontoly Group Research, a group founded in 1990 at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) that promotes the exchange and application of knowledge in scientific research and that is associated with the World Guinness Records is the one that issues the classification of the most longevity

This Wednesday he has announced that Branyas is the oldest living human being at the moment.

"After the death of French Lucile Randon, the new longest-lived person in the world is María Branyas Morera (born March 4, 1907 in the United States), aged 115 years and 319 days, lives in the city of Olot, Catalonia, Spain," noted a social media post dedicated to centenarians.

In the description of her profile, Branyas indicates that "I am old, very old, but not an idiot."

He was born on March 4, 1907 in San Francisco (United States) since his father, a journalist from Pamplona, ​​was sent as a correspondent in that area and Mexico by the magazine "Mercurio".

She returned to Spain with her family when she was a child and after residing in several Catalan towns, such as Barcelona, ​​Banyoles, Girona, Calonge and Palol de Revardit, she has lived in this residence for 20 years to which she retired with a relative.

two years ago she overcame covid and became the longest-lived person to beat this disease.

"Many ask me what diet I follow for living so many years. I have always eaten little, but of everything, and I have never followed any regimen. I have not suffered from any disease or undergone surgery. I think that longevity is also being lucky. Good luck and good genetics" explained Branyas on social networks, who added that the secret was also in "a good diet" and in "the lifestyle we lead: order, tranquility, good connection with family and friends, contact with nature , emotional stability, without worries, without regrets, a lot of positivity and away from toxic people".

You have to apply the recipe.

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