The court in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) found a 48-year-old teacher guilty of sexual harassment on Friday.

The professor of chemical engineering in a high school in Franqueville-Saint-Pierre (Seine-Maritime) was accused of attacking two of his students, indicates



He was given a twelve-month suspended prison sentence.

Furthermore, he will no longer be able to carry out an activity in contact with minors.

The charges against him dated back to 2019. One of the victims had denounced the dozens of harassing text messages sent by the respondent and the ambiguous comments about his clothes or his beauty.

Other students then explained that the teacher did not hesitate to talk about his sex life.

A high school girl had changed her phone number so that she would no longer be harassed.

The forties had received a warning in 2009 for similar behavior.

At the hearing, he denied any sexual connotation to his remarks and acknowledged jokes and "inappropriate" language.

The name of the respondent has been entered in the automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses (Fijais).

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