- A gang came and tried to force their way in through our main entrance.

We managed to get them to turn the door, but it was unpleasant and difficult to deal with, says Jenny Larsson, director of operations at Burgården's high school.

The origin of the situation is believed to be a conflict between two students at the school.

These must have brought friends who do not go to school, according to Jenny Larsson.

Fifteen to twenty young people are said to have participated in the attempt to force their way into the school.

Fifteen-sixteen-year-old boys

- The police got hold of some, then these are quite young individuals, so they have been taken to guardians.

The police then carry out their investigation together with social services.

They are boys aged fifteen to sixteen, says Jenny Larsson

According to Jenny Larsson, school staff noticed that during Friday there was an uneasy atmosphere along Skånegatan, where Burgården is located.

- We were in close contact with the police throughout the day and we made an emergency call when we saw that they were heading towards the school.

Two guards at the school

The school management currently sees no connection to the incident in August when two teenage boys were hit by a car outside Burgården.

After Friday's events, security at the school has been increased.

- While we are trying to find out what this is about, we have decided to bring in security guards.

We have two guards on site at the school, says Jenny Larsson.