In March 2021, the thefts are said to have been committed and continued until September, when customers called in and wondered where their packages had gone.

After an investigation by the security department at Postnord, the thief was caught.

  - When customers do not receive their goods, they will complain and the security department will then review to see if we have a quality deviation or a suspected crime, and in this case we feared that someone had stolen the packages, says Alexis Larsson, head of security at Postnord Sweden AB.

Several are charged

Another two men and two women are charged with aiding and abetting serious fraud and fraud.

They are said to have helped pick up packages and resold the goods.

All but one deny wrongdoing.


  - It is extremely regrettable and unacceptable when someone steals someone else's things and for us it is important that we can protect our customers from such things and for us it is important to work proactively and reactively when these types of crimes happen, says Alexis Larsson

Hear Alexis Larsson tell about how the thefts took place in the clip.