A powerful explosive detonated at 03.28 on Tuesday night in the entrance to a restaurant.

- The entrance is completely destroyed and there is also extensive damage to the facade one floor up where there are residences, says police spokesperson Ola Österling.

According to the police, none of the residents had to evacuate or were injured.

Do you see any connections with the latest wave of violence in Stockholm?

- I don't see any immediate connections, but we are of course mapping out who this could be aimed at, says Ola Österling.

Analysis of observations

The national bomb protection is on site during the morning to make a technical assessment.

- We are also working full time on site interrogating a large number of people to make an analysis of the observations made at the site during the night, says Österling.

The police forensics technician will also examine the scene and collect clues for the ongoing investigation.

The place is cordoned off and a large police operation is underway.

The police have started a preliminary investigation into public dangerous devastation.

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