“US looting exacerbates the energy crisis and humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, the US is ruthlessly encroaching on the right to life of the Syrian people.

In the tragic circumstances of the "shortage of oil and food," the winter for the Syrian people may become even colder, ”RIA Novosti quotes the diplomat.

He stressed that the United States is greedy in plundering Syrian resources, but is very generous in providing military assistance to foreign countries.

“However, whether the US “takes” or “gives”, the result is always the same - to plunge other countries into instability and disaster in order to protect their own interests and hegemony, this is a reality created by the so-called “international order based on rules" of Washington," the diplomat said.

The SANA agency reported that US forces continue to plunder Syrian resources.

The United States recently allegedly withdrew another large convoy of tanker trucks loaded with illegally mined hydrocarbons from the oil fields of Hasakeh Province to northern Iraq.

According to local sources, a convoy of 53 fuel trucks crossed the Al-Mahmudiya border crossing, heading for American bases in Iraq.

The RIA Novosti agency recalls that the US Armed Forces illegally control territories in the north and northeast of Syria in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Al-Hasek and Raqqa.

There are the largest deposits of oil and gas in Syria.