C criticizes the government and Minister of Energy and Business Ebba Busch (KD) for having given the referral bodies far too little time to review the new bill on the secrecy of the electricity price subsidy.

- The proposal is about ignoring the principle of publicity and sealing the electricity subsidy as secret for 20 years.

The fact that certain reference bodies were given half a day to submit their views on such a constitutionally important proposal should be reviewed by the constitutional committee, says Thand Ringqvist, economic policy spokesperson for the Center Party.

In practice, the two memoranda that form the basis of the bill went out for consultation for a week and half a day, respectively.

It has been strongly criticized by the lawyers at the Legislative Council.

The preparation requirement according to the form of government is not met and the legal council referral cannot therefore be the basis for legislation, the expert body ruled.

Small changes

After the Council of Law's criticism, the government made only minor adjustments to the legal text.

In essence, they are adamant that the support must be kept secret with strict confidentiality for 20 years.

In the KU report, the Center Party also mentions that in recent years it has become increasingly common for governments - of different colors - to push through unconstitutional legislation.

How the preparation requirement must be met is not written in detail in the constitution, but there are, according to Thand Ringqvist, "clear limits on how careless a preparation may be allowed to be."

Ebba Busch has said that it is important that the electricity subsidy is paid out quickly, but Thand Ringqvist does not understand why it would go faster if the information is kept secret.

- The electricity support is in place regardless of whether you have a confidentiality stamp or not, she says.

A: Deserves criticism

All opposition parties have now put motions on the government's bill.

They intend to vote no.

Ida Karkiainen (S), chairman of the constitutional committee, writes that the government's handling is remarkable and deserves criticism.

The left-wing leader Nooshi Dadgostar writes in the party's motion that "the principle of openness is an inalienable part of our democracy".

She also brings up the preparation requirement and points out that the referral period often extends over approximately three months.

The government's handling is "unacceptable", according to Dadgostar.

MP's spokesperson Per Bolund also believes that the bill should be rejected already because of the short referral period.