, Beijing, January 17th (Reporter Peng Dawei Kanfeng) Luo Siyi, a British economist and former director of the London Economic and Business Policy Agency, an expert on China issues, recently told China News Agency "East West Asking·China Dialogue", China's economy will accelerate its recovery in 2023, and some Western remarks about China's economy seem very stupid.

  At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, international people generally believe that China's optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures according to the time and situation will create stronger impetus for economic recovery and growth.

Recently, many international investment institutions have raised their forecasts for China's economic growth in 2023.

The picture shows Luo Siyi, a British economist and former director of the London Economic and Business Policy Agency, an expert on China issues. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  Luo Siyi said that when most international analysis institutions talk about the European and American economies in 2023, they are mostly concerned with the degree of economic slowdown and the risk of recession, "while the forecast for the Chinese economy focuses on its growth rate. Some Western institutions have forecasts for the Chinese economy in 2023. Most growth forecasts are around 5%, 5.5% or 6.2%.”

  Luo Siyi believes that China's economy will obviously accelerate growth in 2023. He said that the current low inflation rate in China means that more measures can be launched to promote economic development. level, the U.S. economy will slow down anyway in 2023, and the Fed will continue to raise interest rates, which will further exacerbate the slowdown in the U.S. economy.”

  Looking back on the past three years, Luo Siyi said that whether it is epidemic prevention and control or economic development, compared with Europe and the United States, China has "excellent performance".

"As far as the economy is concerned, against the background of the overall slowdown of the world economy, in the past three years, China's economic growth rate has been about three times that of the United States, and more than five times that of the European Union."

  As experts have said, even though the international community is generally optimistic about the prospects of China's economic development, however, whether it is when China insists on "dynamically clearing" or after actively optimizing its prevention and control policies according to the time and situation, some Western politicians and media have been making unreasonable remarks. Accusing and exaggerating the negative impact of China's epidemic prevention policy on the world economy.

  In Luo Siyi's view, these bad-mouthings that are divorced from the facts are essentially the induction of anti-China sentiment in society.

He said that he has been writing articles on China's economy for more than 30 years, and has been studying China's economy for a longer time. During this period, the so-called "China collapse" and "China crisis" have been heard in the western public opinion field.

  "They are always predicting that there will be a crisis in China 'next year' and when it doesn't happen they say it will happen next year and no one can tell where it is, which is stupid. "

  Luo Siyi believes that compared with the media and politicians, the business community is often more sober and wise in their perception of economic prospects, "because if companies do not make judgments based on facts, they will miss good development opportunities and make strategic mistakes."

  Luo Siyi said that for a long time, foreign companies have maintained a relatively high level of investment in China. The most important reason for them to invest in China is to recognize the fact that "China is the fastest growing major market in the world today".