Alexander Vanyushkin, a 49-year-old resident of Tambov, a retired lieutenant colonel of the Federal Penitentiary Service, took part in hostilities during the second Chechen campaign, and after the start of the JMD began to carry humanitarian aid to the Donbass.

Vanyushkin always takes a guitar with him on trips.

The song "Three hundred and thirty-three" written by him has become a hit of recent days.

Alexander Vanyushkin told RT about the history of its creation.

How long have you been writing songs?

- From youth.

He started when the Tambov rock club still existed (now it no longer exists).

Then he moved on to the patriotic theme.

He wrote songs when he was in Chechnya: about the Motherland, about the defenders of the Fatherland.

I have a musical group.

We sing patriotic songs and mine, of course, I am a singer-songwriter.

- In a video that has spread over the network, you sing to the accordion ...

— Harmonica is one of my instruments, I have a couple of songs for it.

But in general I play the guitar.

- When did you write the song "Three hundred and thirty three"?

How was she born?

- A few months ago.

She just once - and came.

I came up with it during a smoke break, literally in five minutes.

Maybe on emotions ... He returned home and wrote it down.

- In one of the videos, you sing a song while driving in a car.

Where is it happening?

- Somewhere in the DPR, near Mariupol.

They brought humanitarian aid: one of the drivers has a nephew there.

We are coming.



I see our hugs.

Then they unloaded the humanitarian aid, they said: “San, get the accordion!”

The song went to the guys from the first chords.

And the record in the car was already made on the way back.

I played with the guys for an hour.

The video went viral on the net.

Then, when we stopped at orphanages on the way, all the employees and guards asked us to sing “Three hundred and thirty-three” as well.

- How long ago did you start traveling to the NWO zone, in what capacity?

- The son of my friend, with whom I served in the special forces, is fighting in the NVO zone, at the forefront.

And he himself collects humanitarian aid, carries it there.

I kind of asked him.

Of course, I wanted to look our guys in the eye and support them.

I wanted to give people some emotions.

They need them.

- Well received?

- Fire!

Just a gun!

"Three hundred thirty three"!

They clapped, they whistled.

The song was not known to anyone, no one heard it there, but from the first chords it went.

Then hugs.

Everything is beautiful - to the point of tears.

- "Three hundred thirty-three" - pronounce for a long time.

Why does the command sound like this?

- It's like "Ready, attention, march."

To get together and give a volley at the same time.

There is even a video on YouTube: a fighter with a walkie-talkie, about 100 meters away from the battery, shouts: “For the Motherland!

We work, brothers!

Three hundred.



And it went.

— You know, the rapper Pharaoh has a song called Route 333. Do you think it's about the same thing?

He also has the words “I am on fire” there.

- Maybe he also got the idea from this team - "Three hundred and thirty-three."

He is a young man, he could have heard and caught on somewhere before.

— What else to expect, what songs?

- I have a good song "Our Land".

She's in the instrumental.

Before the New Year, I spoke a lot to people at various celebrations.

And I can say that recently the two most popular toasts are: "For health" and "For a peaceful sky."

After all, we live in Russia, and what we just did not experience: the 1990s, and defaults, and revolutions.

Revolutions are bad, this is when brother against brother.

I don’t know how to put it better, but in 1993, when I was serving in the Internal Troops, I stormed the White House.

On which side I was then and what was happening, I really did not understand.

I was just a soldier.

I have always been completely, with both hands and feet, for the USSR.

It was a strong, big, powerful country.

But the comrades, who are not our comrades at all, achieved their goal - they ruined the country.

I was a pioneer and always thought I lived in the best country in the world.

We have defeated fascism.

Who would have thought that all this will be reborn again ...

- You said that the main toasts now are for health and a peaceful sky.

When do you think peace will come?

- I think it will last a long time: to exterminate all this fascist evil spirits, several generations are needed.

But we will definitely win.

Our cause is just, there are no other words.

The enemy will be defeated!

Victory will be ours!