Japan and India organize unprecedented joint military air maneuvers

Air-to-air refueling operation of a Japanese F-15 fighter west of Kyusyu Island (illustrative image).


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Japan and India began on Monday, January 16, in the Tokyo region, the first joint military air maneuvers in their history.

These exercises are intended to strengthen the defense ties between the two countries.

And are taking place against a backdrop of growing concerns about China's rise to power in the Asia-Pacific region.


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With our correspondent in Tokyo,

Frédéric Charles

These unprecedented maneuvers between Japan and India, moreover in Japanese airspace, are taking place within the framework of the informal Quad alliance (the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) bringing together Japan, India, the Australia and the United States.

And that China sees as an Asian NATO directed against it.


threat "

Operations are scheduled to last eleven days at Hyakuri Air Base northeast of Tokyo.

They involve eight F-2 and F-15 fighter jets from the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF).

As well as 150 members of the Indian Air Force, the Indian Air Force.

Japan fears that “ 

what happens in Ukraine could happen in East Asia 


He worries about rising tensions around Taiwan.

China is increasingly seen as a threat.

And, suddenly, the informal alliance of the Quad has the principle of maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific zone.

Mission Joan of Arc

Japan and India are already carrying out joint maritime maneuvers in the Indian Ocean.

In May 2021, American, Australian, Indian and Japanese ships held exercises in the Bay of Bengal.

A French force from the Jeanne-d'Arc mission, composed of the amphibious helicopter carrier


and the frigate


, had joined these exercises.

The Jeanne-d'Arc mission then took part in naval and land operations in Japan.

France has territories in the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific.

Japan has decided to double its defense budget to 2% of GDP to bring its military spending to the same level as that of NATO countries.

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