Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party has elected Vice President Lai Ching Tak, who is seen as a leading candidate in the next presidential election.

The Democratic Progressive Party lost the unified local elections in November last year, and President Tsai Ing-wen resigned as the party's top chairman.

Only Vice President Lai ran for the election to decide the successor to the chairman, and on the 15th, he was elected by a vote of party members.

After successively serving as the head of the Executive Yuan, which is the prime minister, Mr. Lai has served as vice president since May 2020, when President Tsai entered his second term, and is likely to become the official candidate of the party in the presidential election to be held next year. It has been.

After winning the election, Mr. Lai said, "The purpose of the DPP's existence is to do our best for Taiwan, and the next mission is to protect Taiwan in a complex and rapidly changing international situation. and promote Taiwan's democracy, peace and prosperity."

However, the voter turnout in the presidential election on the 15th was low at 17.59%, and some of the most recent polls show that the party's support rate is lower than that of the main opposition Kuomintang, making it urgent to restore the party's power. I'm here.