Europe 1 10:56 a.m., January 15, 2023

Gabriel Attal, Minister in charge of Public Accounts, came to defend the pension reform project this Sunday in the Grand Rendez-vous.

The minister regrets "a dialogue of the deaf" with the opposition, whom he criticizes for not seeing "the reality": "a pension system which is structurally in deficit".

"I believe in social dialogue, not in dialogue of the deaf".

This was the message that Gabriel Attal, Minister in charge of Public Accounts, wanted to defend this Sunday morning in the Grand Rendez-vous d'Europe 1 / Les Échos / CNews.

He made a point of recalling that for the executive, the pension reform remains essential, despite the massive union mobilization planned for next week.

“Reform or bankruptcy is what I repeat because the reality is that we have a pension system that is structurally in deficit and if we do nothing it will be 500 billion in additional debt over the 25 years to come. come", insists the minister.

Irresponsible opponents?

For Gabriel Attal, there is an opposition "in principle" expressed by the unions unfavorable "to the very idea of ​​​​working more".

And in the National Assembly, the opposition seems to be split in two: a left which calls for mobilization in the street and the National Rally which calls instead for opposition within the hemicycle. 

"There is the camp of blocking, with La France insoumise and its environmentalist and socialist allies who do not want to do anything and block everything. (…) And on the other side, there is the camp of lies, the National Rally which wants to make the French believe that they can bring the legal retirement age to 60 when it costs 85 billion euros", abounds the minister.

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