It is a gray overcast morning in January.

The rain is falling and strong winds are blowing.

In the quiet courtyard of some of Östhammarshem's apartment buildings with zip code 742 34, it is hard to imagine that there are suddenly several millionaires behind certain doors.

But the joy is unmistakable when one of the winners opens his door.

- I am still in shock.

I haven't slept a wink all night, says the woman, who is retired and has become almost four million kroner richer.

She celebrated the previous evening with a good friend who also won money.

While chewing on a cheese sandwich, she tells us that a fortune teller once said she would become a millionaire.

- I have been waiting for 40 years and now it happened!

she says happily.

A pensioner won 25 million

A few doors away lives the neighbor who took home the biggest prize, a retired widow who won just over 25 million.

And across the yard the single assistant nurse who works at night and has suddenly become over ten million richer.

The night before, the recording of Grannyran was held at Sjötorget.

The 109 winners were there, as well as many other residents of Östhammar who wanted to join in and feel both excitement and joy.

In the clip above, you see pictures from the merry-go-round, meet one of the winners and hear some other Östhammar residents about the win.