China News Agency, Guangzhou, January 12th (Xu Qingqing) The world's first intelligent unmanned system scientific research mother ship "Zhuhai Cloud" successfully completed various sea trial objectives and tasks, and successfully entered the home port on the 12th - Zhuhai Gaolan Port No. 3 A marine engineering wharf was officially delivered for use.

The data picture shows the sea trial site of "Zhuhai Cloud".

Photo provided by China News Agency, Southern Ocean Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial Laboratory (Zhuhai)

  The reporter learned from the Southern Ocean Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial Laboratory (Zhuhai), which presided over the construction task, that "Zhuhai Cloud" is 88.5 meters long, 14.0 meters wide, and 6.1 meters deep, with a design displacement of about 2,100 tons and a maximum speed of 18 knots. The economic speed is 13 knots.

The ship has a spacious rear deck, which can carry a variety of air, sea and submarine unmanned system equipment with different observation instruments, and can perform comprehensive marine survey tasks such as marine surveying and mapping, marine observation, marine inspection and some survey sampling.

  Chen Dake, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Southern Ocean Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial Laboratory (Zhuhai), emphasized that "Zhuhai Cloud" is the world's first scientific research ship with remote control and autonomous navigation functions in open waters.

  According to Chen Dake, this sea trial is the first professional sea trial of "Zhuhai Cloud".

The sea test results show that "Zhuhai Cloud" has achieved 12 consecutive hours of autonomous navigation for the first time, realized obstacle avoidance, route planning, etc., and the effect is very good, fully reaching the original design indicators.

  It is understood that "Zhuhai Cloud" has also obtained the first "i-ship (No, R1, M, I)" smart ship certificate issued by China Classification Society.

Its construction implements the design concepts of "green intelligence", "unmanned system scientific research support" and "future sense". All are independently developed in China.

  It is reported that Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial Laboratory (Zhuhai) is a high-level marine science and technology innovation platform jointly built by Zhuhai City and Sun Yat-sen University.

Chen Chunsheng, secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-sen University, said that the school will continue to use the strength of the whole school's marine discipline group to help the development of the laboratory, and expects "Zhuhai Cloud" to play a more solid role in carrying out marine scientific research, promoting marine scientific research, and helping the development of marine economy. effect.