A 46-year-old resident of Bergerac (Dordogne) was the subject of an appearance on Thursday on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC).

She was accused of having, two days earlier, painted inscriptions on the courthouse of the city.

The forty-year-old had notably written "Corrupt justice" or "glassy judge" (sic), reports



She had been arrested on Tuesday evening while she was tagging the building.

The graffiti has since been removed.

At the hearing, the respondent said that he resented the judiciary following decisions that led to the placement of three of his children.

She was sentenced to community service.

The 40-year-old was also sentenced to two months in prison with probation.

Justice also forced her to repair the damage done.

In addition to the courthouse, the respondent had tagged the building of the Departmental Council of the Dordogne.

She had also vandalized a computer screen at the police station.

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