"This measure has the effect of particularly supporting the company's lowest salaries in a context of high inflation," the group said in a press release.

The trade union organizations representing the RATP - CGT, FO, Unsa and CFE-CGC - have until January 23 to sign this agreement or not.

A review clause is planned during the year "given the uncertainties linked to the real level of inflation in 2023", assured the Régie.

On Friday, INSEE announced that inflation had reached 5.2% for the whole of 2022, up sharply compared to 2021 (+1.6%).

According to RATP calculations, this wage measure allows an average wage increase of 5.7% in 2023 for all employees of the public group.

This increase should also make it possible to promote the attractiveness of the company, which is struggling to attract new recruits, in particular bus drivers but also maintenance and security agents.

RATP CEO Jean Castex also announced on Friday his intention to recruit 4,500 people in 2023, including 2,500 bus drivers and 400 metro drivers, double the number of 2022.

The objective is to restore a transport offer identical to that before the Covid period but also to prepare for the hosting of the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris.

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