• Politics Arrimadas' list, led by Guasp and Vázquez, beats Bal's in the Ciudadanos primaries with only 53% of the votes

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"Today is the first day of the new Ciudadanos".

At 9 in the morning this Friday, punctually and without further delay, the newly elected team to lead the resurgence of the Liberals has begun its path with the firm objective of overcoming the differences experienced during the internal election process and thus avoiding that the regional elections on May 28 become the last for the party.

An appointment with the polls that is the highest priority for

Patricia Guasp


Adrián Vázquez

, winners in primaries that prove the internal fragmentation and lack of mobilization even among the Ciudadanos bases.

In her first official speech, the new political spokesperson for the formation has confirmed that Inés Arrimadas will continue as leader in Congress and has announced the first decision on her roadmap: to amend the step taken in June 2019 by

Albert Rivera

by placing the Popular Party as "preferred partner" when negotiating post-electoral agreements.

"One of the big mistakes" made by Ciudadanos in recent times, Guasp has considered, "has been announcing a preferred partner before general elections."

For this reason, he has announced, "there will be no slogan at the national level" for pacts, neither general nor regional.

Thus, the candidates and territorial leaders of the Liberal Party, as defended by the new leadership, will have "autonomy and freedom" to reach agreements both on the left and on the right, without there being any guideline or preference from the Madrid Sales headquarters, as it did happen. long ago.

"I hope you keep your word"

With this first clarification, the new leadership tries to get rid of the mantra defended by the alternative candidacy, led by Edmundo Bal, who denounced that the current Ciudadanos and the official list were nothing more than the little brother of the PP, while the State lawyer defended stealing the concept of progressivism from the left.

Meanwhile, the future of the parliamentary group is still up in the air, where a good part of the deputies (seven out of nine) publicly supported Bal's project.

Guasp has asserted that "in the coming weeks" the situation will be studied, but has ruled out that the changes that the formation is going to make affect the continuity of Inés Arrimadas as spokesperson for the oranges in the Congress of Deputies.

"I understand that Bal will respect this decision and I hope that he keeps his word", has settled the new leader of Ciudadanos, who has admitted that, despite speaking in person on Thursday night with the State lawyer, they have not yet had a long conversation about the future of the party.

This Friday, neither Bal nor any high representative of his list has been present during the first press conference of Guasp and Vázquez, held at the Ciudadanos headquarters.

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