• White House Joe Biden had secret reports on Iran, Ukraine and the United Kingdom in his private office

Doctors successfully removed two tumors from

US first lady Jill Biden on Wednesday and she is now considered out of danger, the

White House

physician said .

Accompanied by President Joe Biden, Jill was taken to

Walter Reed National Medical Center



on Wednesday for minor surgery to remove a skin lesion.

White House physician

Kevin O'Connor

said in a memo that Jill Biden had "facial swelling and bruising, but is in good spirits and doing well. She will return to the White House today."

The White House confirmed that he underwent a "scheduled outpatient procedure, commonly known as

Mohs surgery."

The procedure is under local anesthesia and is considered very effective, if done on time, to eradicate skin cancer formations.

"The procedure confirmed that the small lesion was

basal cell carcinoma.

All cancerous tissue was successfully removed and the margins were clear of any residual skin cancer cells," O'Connor wrote.

"We will closely monitor the area while it heals, but we do not anticipate that further interventions will be necessary," he added.

Doctors found another lesion on the left side of Jill Biden's chest, which also turned out to be cancerous and was removed using the same procedure, he wrote.

They also found another "small lesion" on her left eyelid, which was "completely excised, with margins, and sent for standard microscopic examination."

O'Connor noted that basal cell carcinoma lesions "do not tend to spread or metastasize like some more serious skin cancers."

The doctor previously reported that "during a routine skin cancer checkup, a small lesion was found over the first lady's right eye."

"Out of an abundance of caution, the doctors recommended removing it," she wrote.

Jill Biden, 71, is the

oldest first lady

in US history, while her 80-year-old husband is also the longest-serving president in US history.

Joe Biden, whose son


died in 2015 of brain cancer, has made lowering the cancer death rate a "presidential priority."

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