Bloomberg News reported, citing people familiar with the matter, that Apple is actively working on adding touch screens to its Mac computers.

The report said that the first Mac with a touch screen could be launched by 2025 as part of an update to the MacBook Pro produced by the American technology giant.

Apple has so far refrained from including touch screens in Mac computers, as Steve Jobs previously famously opposed the idea.

Jobs described it at the time as a "bad engineering" idea.

“Touchscreens don't want to be vertical,” he said in 2010, shortly after the first iPad was introduced. “After a while, your hand will get tired of it.”

And in 2021, Tom Boger, Apple's marketing director, explained that the iPad is "the best touchscreen computer in the world," and that the Mac is "completely dedicated to direct action."

At the time, Boger said Apple had no reason to change that and include the touchscreen in Macs.

But apparently, now things have changed, and Apple thinks it's time to consider using a touchscreen Mac.

Jobs described the idea of ​​touch-screen computers at the time as "bad engineering" (European)

The Japanese magazine "Nikki Asia" reported last December that Apple plans to transfer part of the production of MacBook to Vietnam for the first time this year.

This comes as the US technology group continues to diversify its production base away from China amid escalating tensions in the field of technology between Washington and Beijing.

Apple shares fell sharply last week after their large losses in 2022, which brought its market value below $2 trillion for the first time since June 2021.

And this significant decline in Apple's market value came a year after it became the first company to reach a market value of $ 3 trillion.