Reporter Kim Ah-young, who covered this story, is out.

Q. Why are you in a hurry despite the victim's backlash?

[Reporter Kim A-young: It seems that there is a strong will to resolve the issue of forced labor, which is the biggest pending issue in Korea-Japan relations.

It is a situation where the United States and Japan are getting closer with the North Korean nuclear threat and public containment as a link.

So, for trilateral cooperation between Korea, the US and Japan, the Korean government is also making this judgment that it is necessary to improve Korea-Japan relations.

In addition, since only 3 of the 15 victims who received a final judgment are still alive, the fact that they are all elderly also seems to be the reason why it is difficult to postpone the solution.]

Q. Big difference of opinion…

What about the victim's side?

[Reporter Kim Ah-young: Victims' organizations said they would hold a rally against the government plan tomorrow near Seoul Plaza.

In addition, he said that he would hold a separate debate after the Lunar New Year holiday, as he believed that today's debate was nothing more than a catering.

He also said that if the government plan becomes official, he will fight it in court.

The legal representative on the side of the victim does not think that the Japanese war criminal company is actually a debtor, but it is not legally correct to hand over the debt to the Victim Support Foundation and claims that it is invalid.]

Q. What are the remaining procedures? 

[Reporter Kim Ah-young: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will urge Japan to respond once again with the content of this debate.

I am clarifying this.

However, from the perspective of the victims, the government plan exempts Japanese companies from responsibility.

It is similar to what Japan has been insisting on.

Another stumbling block is the lack of consent from the victims.

It is also pointed out that he focused on eliminating the bonds obtained through the Supreme Court ruling.

It is expected to face formidable opposition.]

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