• Viajes Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva, on a romantic getaway outside of Spain and keep their wedding plans

  • First words Tamara Falcó, after her return with Iñigo Onieva: "Mommy told me: 'She can do it again'"

This Tuesday, LOC published exclusively that

Tamara Falcó

(41) and

Íñigo Onieva

(33) had gone to celebrate their reconciliation somewhere outside of Spain.

A romantic getaway

after Christmas, after Reyes to be exact,

of which the destination was unknown.

Until now, because the couple has revealed on their social networks that they have been to the North Pole.


in Ivalo,

a small town in Finland where hundreds of tourists come to see the spectacle of

the northern lights.

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Íñigo and Tamara, the suspicions of a scripted and millionaire joke


Íñigo and Tamara, the suspicions of a scripted and millionaire joke

As the newly reconciled couple has also done.

Or at least she tried, because according to the photo caption of the snapshot shared on her networks, it seems that they turn without having seen them.

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"Some spectacular days in Ivalo (North Pole)! @ionieva and I came to see the auroras #fail but we leave happy with some

spectacular memories of a nature

that remains pristine and comfort as if you were in your own home."

Like practically everything that hangs on her networks, Tamara

has tagged in her publication

both the hotel where they have stayed and the organizers of such an exclusive trip.

Which seems to indicate that his romantic getaway

from her would be sponsored.

It is expected that this Thursday the Marquise de Griñón will

reappear on

El Hormiguero


the Pablo Motos program in which she collaborates every week, and that she will comment on some detail of this surprising reconciliation.

Although they would not be the first statements by Isabel Presyler's daughter, because this Tuesday a preview of the interview that the winner of

MasterChef Celebrity

has given to

Harper's Bazaar

magazine was published in which she already talks about Onieva.

"Íñigo had guests at home, his sister and a friend had come, but after twelve bells

he took his motorcycle and came to my mother's house,"

says Falcó about last New Year's Eve, the moment in which the "Christmas miracle" took place. "Second Chance.

His wedding plans, the one that was announced a few hours before he learned of Onieva's infidelity, continue as LOC has learned.

It will, in all probability, this summer.

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