• Líos Froilán, the terrible: Doña Elena suffers for not being able to put him on the path

  • Statements Froilán breaks his silence about the fight with knives: "I, if I am anything, am a victim. And not even that. I am a witness"

Last November, the



King Felipe VI

found himself involved, once again, in a controversy over an altercation that occurred during the night in Madrid: he was present in a fight with knives at the door of a famous nightclub in Madrid.

After the news broke, many

other headlines accusing


of being involved in other disputes began to emerge, creating a

difficult situation for the family


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King Juan Carlos.

Birthday surrounded by friends and family in Abu Dhabi due to Sánchez's stubbornness

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Birthday surrounded by friends and family in Abu Dhabi due to Sánchez's stubbornness

As a result of these news, it has also been published that the young man

has two security officials

at his disposal in case it is necessary to intervene in a conflict.

Now, and according to the magazine


, after learning about the fights that night with her firstborn, Infanta Elena would have made the decision to

send Froilán to live in Abu Dhabi,


her grandfather currently resides.

The objective of this move would be, mainly,

to root out all this gossip

that stains the name of his family and that leaves an endless number of very compromising questions.

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Even so, the same medium comments that the stay of Victoria Federica's brother

will be temporary


The young man's friends said goodbye to him last weekend with

a surprise party in style.

Sources close to Froilán have informed


that Marichalar's son

would not agree with the decision

that his mother has made about the radical change in life, but

they have not given him any option

to refute.

The supposed move of the nephew of the King of Spain comes just a few days after it was learned that his grandfather, Juan Carlos I,

has moved to a new residence

in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, leaving the luxury hotel where he had been living for years. his two years in the country.

The King Emeritus and his grandson have always had

a very close relationship

and have shared many things together.

In fact, both would live in Abu Dhabi in a few days for the same reason:

to escape the media spotlight.

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