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, the Provincial Court of Zaragoza has reduced the prison sentence of José Manuel Calvo Ropero to three years and nine months, sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman, giving her a brutal beating and then abandon her half dead in a field in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Valdespartera.

When he first appeared before a judge, Calvo Ropero assured that he did not even know the victim, a 35-year-old woman.

However, aware of the evidence that existed against him, he confessed the facts, which date back to August 2020, to prevent the court from imposing a sentence of up to 27 years that they requested for a crime of sexual assault and another of injuries. .

In addition, he had to pay 33,176 euros as compensation for damages and the mitigation of mental disorder was taken into account because at the time of the events he had been diagnosed as such.

The victim identified her assailant from the first moment, whom she did not know at all, first in photos and then during a lineup.

The forensics confirmed that the injuries suffered by the woman were life-threatening, which, together with her delicate health, ended up causing her death.

Calvo Ropero was arrested on September 7, 2020, for events dating back to August 11 of that year, when the victim called 112 stating that she was injured in a field in the Valdespartera neighborhood.

A citizen security team immediately appeared in the area, where they located a disoriented woman with signs of having been attacked.

The victim stated that a man picked her up by car on Ramón y Cajal street in Zaragoza and took her to an apartment, where she was physically and sexually assaulted.

The Family and Women's Care Unit began an investigation to locate the man, who had contracted a sexual service.

Once on the floor, the attacker changed his decision and requested services other than those contracted, and the victim refused to perform them.

Given the victim's refusal to have other types of sexual relations, the man subdued her by means of death threats.

Likewise, he struck her with great force and, grabbing her neck with both hands to suffocate her and cause her to lose consciousness, he managed to overcome her active resistance to attack her with great violence.

Her blows caused her serious injuries for which she was later intervened and which left her with physical sequelae.

After the beating, he took her to a point on the N-330 highway, where he left her badly injured and bleeding in a field.

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