“There were organizers, that's for sure.

But there was no single control center.

By the way, Bolsonaro distanced himself from the protesters.

Yes, there is a certain asset of people who are in opposition to the victorious president.

Yes, they can organize mass actions, including those outside the legal framework.

But this is not enough to make a coup d'état.

Therefore, if we consider the January events an attempt at a coup d'état, then it is an attempt that has clearly failed, ”he said in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper.

Earlier, the governor of the federal district, Ibanez Rocha, said that more than 400 people were detained for participating in the riots in the capital of Brazil.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian side condemns the actions of representatives of the Brazilian opposition, who on January 8 staged pogroms in the capital of Brazil.