"I hear the criticism", declared Monday evening on TF1 Brigitte Macron, adding that she "passes the messages" to her husband President of the Republic without "filter", but would "never allow herself" to tell him what 'He must do.

President of the Fondation des Hôpitaux, Brigitte Macron spoke during the 20 hours of TF1 on the occasion of the launch of the 34th edition of the Yellow Pieces.

Asked about the hospital crisis, she felt that caregivers "suffer because they are afraid of not doing their job because they have so much to do".

“They also tell me that they are understaffed (…), but they love this hospital, and if they are afraid, it is for their hospital, they want to save it”.

"I hear the criticisms, I understand them, I understand everything, but the only thing I don't understand is the wickedness, the violence and the lies, that I don't understand", declared more generally the first lady.

“He adapts to the situation”

“I am a smuggler, I pass the messages to him (to Emmanuel Macron), she added, specifying that she was not “used to filters”.

“I would never allow myself” to tell him what he must do “but I pass on” the messages to him, she continued.

On the decried pension reform, Brigitte Macron stressed that "the French, in difficulty, have always reacted positively".

“What the youngest tell me is that they won't have a pension anyway.

So what I want to say to young people is everything is done so that you have a retirement”.

Has the head of state changed since his first election?

“He adapts to situations, but fundamentally he remains who he has always been,” she replied.

“This second five-year term, he is approaching it like the first, he started with a bang.



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