British Prince Harry accused some members of his family of allying with Satan (the yellow press) to improve their reputation at the expense of his and his wife Megan Markle's, and said he wanted to put an end to that.

In a series of television interviews broadcast before his memoir was published, Prince Harry said he had publicly revealed his differences with the British royal family and confronted the press in a bid to help the monarchy and change the way the media was played.

During interviews, he said he fled Britain with his family to California in 2020 "fearing for our lives".

During the interview, Harry repeated and explained in detail the accusations that he and Megan had faced since leaving royal duties, which is that members of the royal family and their aides not only failed to protect them from hostile and sometimes racist press, but actually leaked stories about them through anonymous sources.

The prince renewed his determination to "reconcile" with his family, and expressed his hope to "restore relations" with his father and brother, Prince William, heir to the throne, on condition of "determining responsibilities" for previous matters, especially his departure from the United Kingdom with his wife to reside in California in 2020.

But he added that they did not show any interest, "which gives the impression that it is better for him and Megan to remain in the image of the bad guys."

the reserve

Harry's "SPARE" book went on sale in Spain on Thursday, 5 days ahead of its official release date, and not only offers minute personal details, such as how the British prince used drugs, but also reveals more stark examples of family disharmony.

The title refers to Prince Harry's position in the royal family, as he is the younger brother of Prince William, heir to the British throne, and was next to him in the order of succession to the throne. Harry is the "reserve for the heir", before William and his wife Kate had their three children.

The book deals with matters such as that Prince William, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, knocked down his younger brother Harry in a fight, and indicates that the two brothers begged their father, King Charles, not to marry Camilla, who is now the queen.

Before the book was published, Prince Harry gave a series of television interviews, starting with the British station "ITV", then the American stations "CBS" and "ABC".

With information leaking about the content of Prince Harry's diaries early and several press interviews, this book raises suspense that goes beyond the borders of the United Kingdom, and increases disputes within the royal family 4 months before the coronation of King Charles III next May.


Buckingham Palace circles remain silent about the book and the interviews, and Harry said he did not think his father and brother would read his book, but many comments began to appear through the British media.

The newspaper "The Sunday Times" quoted close associates of Prince William as confirming that he is "sad" and "burning from the inside", but he "keeps silent for the sake of the family and the country."

As for the newspaper "The Sunday Telegraph", it indicated that despite what was stated in the book, King Charles III is still ready for reconciliation, pointing out that Prince Harry and his wife Megan will be invited to the king's inauguration ceremony.

Harry's words that he had killed 25 Taliban militants while serving in the ranks of the British army in Afghanistan sparked widespread criticism, and senior officers in the British army strongly condemned these statements.

Colonel Tim Collins told The Times that Prince Harry had "betrayed the trust" of the army and "betrayed his family as well".

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated, in press statements, his unwillingness to comment on what was mentioned in the book, but he expressed "very proud" of the royal family.