China News Service, January 6 (CNN) reported that on January 4, local time, a tragedy occurred in Enoch, Utah, USA. A family of eight was found dead at home, including 3 adults, 5 children.

  "There is evidence that the suspect took his own life after killing seven other people in the home," Enoch Mayor Rob Dotson said at a news conference.

  Dotson said the suspect was identified as 42-year-old Michael Haight.

The two adult victims were his wife, Tausha Haight, 40, and her mother, Gail Earl, 78.

  The other victims were the couple's five children - girls aged 17, 12 and seven, and boys aged seven and four.

  "We are deeply saddened by this tragic event and our condolences go out to the family and friends of the victims," ​​Dotson said.

  According to the Associated Press, the police investigated Michael and his family "several years ago," indicating that conflicts within the family may have existed earlier.

His wife Tao Sha filed for divorce in court in late December last year, but the reason is not yet known, and it is not certain whether this was the motive for the murder.

  It is reported that the incident occurred in the rural area of ​​Enoch, which is 245 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Police came to check on the family's well-being, but found that they had all been shot dead.

The bodies were all inside the residence when they were found.

  The case is currently under further investigation.

  In addition, the White House also issued a statement on the incident on the 5th stating that President Biden and first lady Jill Biden are mourning with the Enoch community.

And called for further steps to reduce gun violence, which is currently the leading cause of death among children in the United States.