, Beijing, January 5th (Du Yan and Xu Jing) Xicheng District of Beijing is the place where the establishment of Beijing's capital city began, with profound cultural heritage and rich cultural relics.

There are 370 immovable cultural relics in the district, including 44 national key cultural relics protection units, 59 municipal cultural relics protection units, 88 district-level cultural relics protection units, and 179 general cultural relics.

Today, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Xicheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau stated that 2023 is an important year for the "14th Five-Year Plan" and also a key year for the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Protection of Beijing's Central Axis". We will continue to take the opportunity of the application of the central axis to promote the overall protection and revival of the old city.

  Promoting the application for world heritage and telling the story of the central axis

  The central axis of Beijing is an outstanding representative of Chinese urban culture and spatial form. It is a historical responsibility to protect, inherit and make good use of this precious historical and cultural heritage.

In 2022, the Xicheng District’s application for world heritage is progressing in an orderly manner. The quality improvement of Diwai Street, the restoration of Qianxiangyi’s cultural relics, the display of the Southern Lingxing Gate of Dizhitan, the quality improvement of the fifth facade around the Bell and Drum Tower, the improvement of the surrounding environment of Wanning Bridge, Key tasks such as the relocation of Xicheng Education College.

At the same time, pay attention to the promotion and publicity of the central axis culture, and hold the intangible cultural heritage "five entry" (business circle, park, cultural relic, scenic spot, hotel) activity in the form of cloud live broadcast with the theme of "central axis intangible cultural heritage and inheritance", attracting online The audience is nearly 6 million person-times.

The "Digital Central Axis" project three-dimensionally demonstrates the unique charm of the central axis with modern technology.

  In 2023, Xicheng District will step up the application for world heritage, focus on strengthening the protection and management of the landscape corridors and urban skylines related to the central axis, and complete key tasks such as renovation of the facades of Tianqiao shopping malls.

At the same time, continue to give full play to the brand effects such as "I am repairing cultural relics on the central axis" and "White Tower Night Talk", and hold intangible cultural heritage exhibitions on the central axis, publicize online and offline platforms, and compile the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Road Book on the West Wing of the Central Axis" and other forms. , to further enhance the readability, viewing, hearing, and tourability of cultural heritage, and help the application work from different angles.

  Carry out the protection of cultural relics and innovate the utilization mode

  In 2022, Xicheng District will implement 13 renovation projects including Yangjiaoshan Temple, Liyuan Association, and Zhenwu Temple. Among them, Qianxiangyi, Yunnan Xinguan, and Tai'anli (Phase II) in Xincheng District have been completed and passed the inspection. Quan'an has been completed and ready for acceptance.

In 2023, the restoration of cultural relics such as Yixing Guild Hall and Sanguan Temple will be launched to promote the progress of ongoing projects.

  The revitalization and utilization of cultural relics is a new model of "development in protection and protection in development" of cultural relics explored and pioneered in Xicheng District in recent years.

In 2022, 9 vacated cultural relics utilization units, including Yangjiaoshan Temple and Shaoxing Guild Hall, will be announced to the public.

Up to now, a total of 15 cultural relics activation and utilization projects have been released in two batches.

  In 2023, Xicheng District will continue to explore the use of cultural relics, realize the opening of the Tai'anli project in the new urban area, gather efforts to implement other revitalization projects, promote the in-depth development of cultural relics utilization, and give full play to the role of cultural relics in providing public cultural services and satisfying people's spiritual culture. The role of living needs and the cultivation of socialist core values.

  Strengthen research and exploration, support the opening of museums

  In 2022, the museum business in Xicheng District will carry forward the past and open up the future, integrate innovation, compile and complete the cultural tourism cycling route of "Tracing the Origin of the Ancient Capital · Riding in the West City", and the cultural tourism route of "Liyuan Culture · National Essence Tour", and launch 3 museum tour routes.

Continue to promote the construction of new digital scenes of the district museums, and realize the VR panorama of the special exhibition "Three Emperors and Five Emperors and Hundred Surnames".

  In 2023, Xicheng District will continue to encourage the protection of the original site and original appearance of time-honored brands, excavate and display traditional skills, and promote the appearance of internal museums of enterprises.

Specifically, we will focus on the establishment of the Jinshi Museum, research and create a new model of "state-owned venues + social operations + private collections", actively guide and encourage social forces to invest in the protection and utilization of cultural relics.

Promote the listing of "quasi-museums" with museum functions such as the Beijing Newspaper, and provide assistance and guidance in collection management, talent training, publicity and promotion, etc.

  Enrich brand activities and create a scholarly atmosphere

  In 2022, Xicheng District, while promoting the diversified participation pattern of "Scholarly Xicheng" brand construction, will create the "Yuedu Bay" public reading service facility brand. Through a series of themed reading and sharing activities, the publicity will cover 189 secondary media with an audience of 2.6 million person-times.

In particular, the check-in route of "Central Axis·Visiting Ancient and Modern" launched in autumn, which integrates the elements of "reading" and "walking", and uses the new model of "integration of knowledge and action" to promote the history and culture of the central axis has achieved good results.

  In 2023, Xicheng District will continue to improve the construction of reading facilities and the development of characteristic reading spaces, and continuously expand the social influence of the "Scholarly Xicheng" brand. By hosting the "Reading Spring" launching ceremony, "Begonia Poetry Club" reading performances, and social participation in cloud readings , "Reading Measures Life" check-in, "Western Gravity" themed reading and sharing series of activities, build a new pattern of reading activities for the whole people, and promote a new urban fashion of loving, being good at, and reading good books.

  Highlight cultural characteristics and guide business development

  Rich and colorful cultural activities are an indispensable part of urban development, and they are also a powerful measure to promote the integration of culture and tourism and enhance the development of business formats.

In 2022, Xicheng District will solicit proposals from the society for "New Scenarios of Public Cultural Consumption" and "New Scenarios of Cultural Tourism Innovative Consumption" with innovative thinking and application of new technologies to foster a new environment for the cultural and creative industry, and to guide the improvement of regional formats and promote the development of national cultural Prepare for the construction of pilot cities for tourism consumption.

  In 2023, Xicheng District will focus on Gulou West Street and host the activity of "Punching in Guxi, Strolling Xiejie".

Starting from "brand creation", through new technologies to create new scenarios and empower new consumption, form a check-in matrix integrating cultural tourism, experience, and consumption, create integrated consumption scenarios, and build an "urban cultural consumption co-creation platform".

In addition, the humanistic long-scroll check-in wall of "Seaside High Street New Image of Ancient Rhythm" will also be unveiled in the middle of the year, presenting the cultural heritage of the historical district through the method of "one scene at a time, one story at a time".

  The person in charge pointed out that the charm of the millennium has accumulated the cultural heritage, and the little changes contain the heart of the craftsman.

The protection of the old city is a broader sublimation of the city, which is closely integrated with the culture, history, industry and people's happiness of the old city.

In 2023, Xicheng District will take "one axis and three modernizations" as the focus of work, and center on the central axis. Culture, the cultural connotation of Xuannan represented by the opening of the new exhibition of Xuannan Museum, constantly polishes the golden name card of Xicheng's history and culture, continuously injects new vitality into the old city, and highlights the unique humanistic charm of Xicheng.

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