Let's talk about North Korea with Ahn Jung-sik, a reporter specializing in North Korea.

Q. What is the direction of North Korea's Labor Party's plenary meeting's economic policy?

[Ahn Jung-sik/Reporter specializing in North Korea: At this plenary meeting, many political and military details were introduced, such as defining South Korea as an enemy or deciding to exponentially increase the amount of nuclear warheads possessed. Not much has been reported about the direction of domestic policy.

However, if you look at the report of this plenary

meeting, there is a part where you can get a glimpse of Kim Jong-un's thoughts. Let's hear it for yourself.]

[Ahn Jeong-sik/Reporter specializing in North Korea: For economic development, advanced technology from outside is needed. This is an outdated idea


Let's listen more.]

[Reporting on the Plenary Meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea: The struggle to clean up all the remnants of wrong ideas that are hindering our business under the guise of an objective environment.]

[Ahn Jeong-sik/Reporter specializing in North Korea: The external environment is not good. , This is also an excuse, but they are giving a very strong order to break through from within unconditionally.]

Q. Was Kim Jong-un different 10 years ago?

[Ahn Jung-sik/Reporter specialized in North Korea: Even at the beginning of his reign, more than 10 years ago, there were many expectations that Kim Jong-un would try to change.

Because he was young and had experience studying abroad in Switzerland.

In fact, at the beginning of his tenure, he seemed to be trying to change things.

The most representative thing that comes to mind is this scene that you are watching right now. There was a demonstration performance by the Moranbong Band, which performed unconventionally for North Korea in a mini skirt and shiny clothes.

Since then, some capitalist systems that can earn you more if you work hard were introduced, and economic development zones were created nationwide with external cooperation in mind.

As a result, it did not produce results.]

Q. Why did Kim Jong-un's attempt to change fail?

[Ahn Jung-sik/Reporter specialized in North Korea: This is primarily because of sanctions against North Korea due to nuclear development.

Currently, foreign companies cannot invest in North Korea because of sanctions against North Korea.

However, a more fundamental cause is that the North Korean system cannot coexist with the international community.

In order for North Korea to reform and open up, it must interact with the outside world and accept outside information.

If North Korea accepts outside information, the dictatorship of the extremely idolized Kim Il-sung family cannot be maintained.

In the end, in order to maintain Kim Il-sung's kingdom, it is impossible to escape the current isolation and closure.

The rigidity of the North Korean system due to hereditary succession is preventing North Korea from developing.]

(Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)