On Wednesday, an official at the social media platform Twitter announced its intention to overturn a ban it imposed in 2019 on an important and sensitive measure in its policies.

The company tweeted on Tuesday that it would relax its advertising policy on "cause-based advertising" in the United States and align its advertising policy with policies for television and other media.

The change brings Twitter's policies closer to Facebook's Meta and Alphabet's YouTube platforms, which allow political ads, while the Chinese TikTok application still bans political ads.

"We believe issue-based advertising can facilitate public conversations about important topics," the social media company tweeted.

Issue-based ads that will be allowed on Twitter include ads that educate or promote awareness of issues such as voter registration, climate change or government programs such as the census, Twitter's head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, told Reuters.

Twitter banned political ads in 2019 after the site and other social media companies faced widespread criticism for allowing election disinformation.

Ads related to social issues are also registered.

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in late October, advertising companies have withdrawn from the platform due to the dismissal of thousands of employees, his abandonment of the permanent suspension of the account of former US President Donald Trump, and his haste to grant verification for money, which led to fraudsters impersonating listed companies. publicly on Twitter.