According to the lawyer, scammers take advantage of the weakening of the vigilance of their victims.

“Many people receive annual bonuses, bonuses, cash gifts and, accordingly, are ready to fulfill their dreams and the dreams of their loved ones.

It is at this moment of high spirits and the desire to embrace the whole world that you need to be cold-blooded and remember that scammers are always there, ”Solovyov believes.

According to him, the risk areas are online purchases, "erroneous" transfers to the bank card of the future victim, SMS mailings with messages about various winnings, New Year's promotions offering profitable deposits and investments, traditional telephone fraud with many criminal scenarios (from the trouble of relatives and suspicious activity on the accounts before trying to take a loan).

“You should also not participate in “operational” combinations and “investigative” actions, trust the information about the changed personal data in the public services account,” he clarified.

Earlier, the specialist told how not to become a victim of scammers when buying a used smartphone.