Caesar cannons: the former head of the Russian space agency has a message for France

Dmitry Rogozin, at the Russian cosmodrome in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, in June 2018. AP - Dmitri Lovetsky

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The former head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced on Wednesday January 4 that he had sent French President Emmanuel Macron the piece of shrapnel that injured him in Ukraine on December 21, fired according to him from a French Caesar cannon supplied to kyiv.

In a letter sent to the French ambassador to Russia, Pierre Lévy, he quite simply accuses France of having become a fascist country.


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Paris has betrayed De Gaulle's legacy and has become one of the most bloodthirsty states in Europe

 ,” asserts Mr. Rogozine in his letter to the ambassador.

It's a puppet state like Vichy France, which devotes itself to serving Hitlerism

 ," he continues.

And to conclude:

No one will escape responsibility for the war crimes of France, the United States and other NATO countries in the Donbass.

Рогозин показал «извлеченный из позвоночника» осколок.

Caesar Бывший глава “Роскосмоса” утверждает, что это часть снаряда французской гаубицыы.

Осколок розин отправил Послу франции В россии, Попросив Передать ээаануэлю макрону и Сопроводив по Пись!

— SOTA (@Sota_Vision) January 4, 2023

Dmitry Rogozin has made a specialty of this kind of extravagant communication stunts.

Shortly after his replacement at the head of Roscosmos, he announced his departure for the Donbass.

He was then widely staged on social networks, armed to the teeth, in combat gear.

But during the attack that injured him, Dmitry Rogozin was, it seems, celebrating his birthday in a luxury restaurant in Donetsk.

The news of his injury had also triggered a storm of sarcasm on Russian social networks.

Many military bloggers had accused him of never having set foot on the front line.

 He is lucky

 ,” wrote an account close to the Wagner group.


Given his record at the head of Roscosmos, we should have attached him to a cruise missile.

That way, at least, he would have arrived in kyiv. 


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