I predicted the events of September and the rise of Obama... Analysts considered it an "intelligence game."

Baba Vanga: "Blind Divination" The world reads its predictions every new year

  • The number of visitors to Vanga increased after her fame became known.


  • Vanga's predictions are sometimes met.


  • Leonid Brezhnev visited Baba Vanga at her residence.


  • The house where the clairvoyant Baba Vanga was staying.



The world follows, perhaps for fun, the predictions of fortune-tellers in various fields at the beginning of each new year.

While the interest in this fortune-teller or that rises and falls every time, the interest in reviewing the expectations of a late blind fortune-teller, who was born and died in Bulgaria, is the grandmother Baba Vanga, has been occupying a fixed space with the testimony of experts and followers.

While some trust the predictions of fortune-tellers and others reject them, on religious and scientific grounds, some believe that Vanga's story was an "intelligence game" that was being run for the benefit of the Soviet intelligence (KGB).

Vanga became famous for what was reported about her predictions about events that happened to happen, according to the records she left, such as the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Britain’s exit from the European Union, the disintegration of the Arabs, the events of September 2001, the tyranny of tsunami waves, the emergence of “Corona”, Trump’s infection with the virus, and it acquired its name These predictions are widely known, regardless of how accurate they are.

Grandmother Vanga, whose real name is Vangela Bandina Geostrova, grew up in a Bulgarian town called Astromaica for a family that went through difficult circumstances, as her father was arrested and their property was confiscated for political reasons, then her mother died. Doctors confirmed her death, then she escaped to become blind in semi-mythical circumstances, as a hurricane carried her and threw her in a far place to lose her sight as a result, and to be found with difficulty, according to her personal account in the book “The Truth About Vanga.”

Wide fame

Vanga began her career as a fortune-teller by treating the residents of her town with herbs, achieving a wide reputation. Joyce, hundreds flocked to Vanga to tell them about the location of their loved ones or the places of their graves, as important Bulgarian leaders and officials visited her, and it came to the fact that the Bulgarian prince, Yuris III, himself visited her on April 8, 1942, then the Bulgarian government in 1966 allocated a fixed salary to her, and appointed A secretarial staff whose salaries are paid by the government to organize her time, and she also commissioned the "Parasiology and Systology" Institute in Sofia to follow up on her condition, according to Joyce as well.

Vanga's expectations moved from the local level to the global level, in mysterious circumstances, and it came to the point that the former Soviet Communist Party Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev, visited her in the sixties and consulted her on global political developments, according to the "New York Times" on April 5, 1995, as she recalls. The writer, Zedni Kostanadyova, in 1997, stated that millions in eastern Europe believed in Vanga's hidden abilities, in addition to what was reported about the story of the singer, Silvana Armenosi, whom Papa Vanga refused to meet with, and asked her to return after three months, stressing that she would not be able to do so, to receive Armenosi She died in a car accident, as the novels intersected.

And the American “Newsweek” magazine believes, in a report entitled “Grandmother Vanga: Nostradamus of the Balkans,” published on December 29, 2021, that Vanga’s global fame actually began four years after her death in 1996, when close to her revealed that she predicted in 1980 the sinking of the nuclear submarine “Kursk.” »which suffered the same fate in 2000, and then, according to this novel, the predictions that were attributed to it continued, including the expectation of the fall of the Soviet Union, the occurrence of the Chernobyl disaster, the September 11 attacks, tension with North Korea, and the expectation of the rise of an African-American president (Obama). And they are all predictions that Vanga said before they happened, and they happened to come true.


Although Fanga's supporters usually highlight her expectations that occurred, another team believes that Fanga's story lacks credibility, and that it coincides with no more than 68%, according to the "British Daily Mail" on March 28, 2022, and that there are many expectations that Fanga made that did not happen to happen. The “Vanga Party” does not talk about it, and these expectations include its expectation of the outbreak of a third world war through the use of nuclear weapons in 2010, its expectation of the extinction of animal and plant life from the northern hemisphere in 2011, and Fanga’s expectation that most of the Earth’s population will be affected by skin cancer in 2014, and Vanga’s expectation of a transformation Europe turned into a deserted continent in 2016, according to the writer, Orlova Vanga, in the book “A Look at Russia.”

As for the third team, he believes that the whole story is an “intelligence game” based on a testimony attributed to a former KGB officer named Yevgeny Syzhenko, who was quoted as saying that “the blind fortune-teller was a treasure trove of information for the Soviet intelligence, due to the size and quality of the visitors.” who frequented her,” and that she “was not a Soviet spy, but her assistant was, and that he knew the Bulgarian journalist who was targeted by the (KGB) to promote Vanga’s reputation.” However, this testimony, which was reported by the media, lacked documentation.

It is funny, in the end, that Vanga's records include predictions of drought in most countries of the world, and the occurrence of floods in Asia and Australia in the past year (2022), and she also expects in 2023 that the Earth's orbit will change, and a biological attack will occur from a superpower on Several countries, a solar storm, nuclear explosions, and human births in scientific laboratories.

• Vanga began her career as a fortune-teller by treating the people of her town with herbs, achieving a wide reputation.

• Vanga's records include predictions of drought in most countries of the year, and the occurrence of floods in Asia and Australia in the past year (2022), and she expects in the year 2023 that the Earth's orbit will change, a biological attack from a superpower will occur on several countries, and a solar storm, And the occurrence of nuclear explosions, and the birth of humans in scientific laboratories.

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