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The president of the Government of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lambán, is committed to a more egalitarian Aragon by 2023 and with its own energy model.

In his 2022 balance, he has painted the Aragonese community as a leader in economic growth and in the fight against climate change.

Lambán has expressed his concern about the division and the frontism that, according to him, Spanish society is experiencing and has said that "we must be self-critical in the face of the lack of understanding of the moderate parties, which results in the governability of the country depending more and more extremists, radicals and pro-independence supporters".

At the same time, he has asked for political and social understanding for the next 2023.

Lambán, who has given his New Year's Eve speech at the Teruel airport, recalled that it has been a year in which it has been necessary to face the consequences of the pandemic, to which those of the war in Ukraine have been added.

A scenario in which the Aragonese Government tries to minimize the economic and social effects that have occurred.

To this end, he has indicated "we will help with complementary measures to those that the Government of Spain is adopting, without forgetting the reduction of the tax on medium and low incomes that the Government of Aragon recently approved".

He has referred to the fact that the Statute of Autonomy has turned 40, four decades of self-government that "have been especially good for Teruel, which has a leading airport in the world."

With a view to the future, Lambán aspires for Aragon to be a "more egalitarian and green" community, for which "its own energy model is needed.

In this regard, he pointed out that "with our wind and our sun we want to provide ourselves with our own energy system, bringing production closer to consumption, to halve the price of electricity for Aragonese families and companies and to attract new investment".

He added that in this way "it is possible to put an end to the energy colonialism to which we have been subjected in the past."

The future also involves providing employment for young people and achieving a more diversified economy by opening the doors to new business projects.

The Aragonese president recalled that the investments announced so far in logistics, the pharmaceutical industry or digitization add up to 20,000 new jobs.

And he has assured that, "since 2019, Aragon has led growth in Spain, showing that it is the Community that has most effectively faced the crisis. We are the third community with the highest quality of life and lowest unemployment rate".

Regarding the legislature that is now ending, in which four parties (PSOE, Podemos, CHA Y PAR) have governed in Aragon, it has made a positive balance not only politically, but also personally.

In this regard, he pointed out that "this legislature I have known the harsher face of the disease [he had to undergo surgery for colon cancer], which helps to identify what is truly valuable" and, on a personal level, he recalled that he has had "two wonderful granddaughters".

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