[Global Times Special Correspondent Chen Lifei] The review report on the defeat of the DPP's "nine-in-one" election has finally been released. It lists the reasons for the failure of the election, such as the epidemic, inflation, papers, "black money" and the failure of "anti-China protection Taiwan". The loss of the party in the youth and middle vote is the main reason for the local election defeat.

However, the report did not mention Tsai Ing-wen and Taiwan's "Executive Premier" Su Zhenchang, and the criticism was simply to avoid the important and ignore the minor.

Russia and Ukraine blamed for failure of "Anti-China Security Taiwan" card

  The review report on the defeat of the DPP has a total of 10,549 words, and the summary version is 3,843 words.

According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" report on the 29th, Zheng Wencan, the convener of the review team, said that in terms of the epidemic, domestic demand-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, tourism and hotel industries, and general businesses were hit the hardest. Although the government's rescue and revitalization plan played a role in the first two years, However, whether the subsidy amount for the third year and the applicable targets ignore the most basic industries, the needs of businesses and the feelings of the public may become the main reason why the effectiveness of the rescue and revitalization has not been demonstrated.

At the same time, issues such as the purchase of overseas vaccines, self-produced vaccines, and vaccine distribution have also become the focus of criticism by the opposition party, which invisibly allows the public to combine life experience and obtain more information that is not good for the DPP from the chaotic situation of vaccine attack and defense, which in turn affects campaign.

Regarding the invalidation of the "anti-China protection Taiwan" brand, Zheng Wencan blamed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, saying that the Taiwanese people's increased attention to security has triggered heated discussions on whether to change the military service period, which will inevitably lead the opposition party to follow the "anti-China protection Taiwan" slogan negatively. The operation created the fear of "vote for the DPP, and young people go to the battlefield", and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused international inflation, which affected people's life experience.

He also claimed that the "black money" issue during the election campaign distorted the public's impression of the DPP and affected the election.

  It is worth noting that Tsai Ing-wen wanted the whole party to support the plagiarism incident of former Hsinchu Mayor Lin Zhijian, but the review report did not include the words "Tsai Ing-wen" or the word "party chairman" and her responsibility.

Zheng Wencan did not answer this question, but only said that the review report has clearly marked these integrity issues, including the shortcomings of taking a stand, the setting of stop loss points, and the impact on votes.

Lin Zhijian posted on Facebook on the evening of the 28th that he was the only person mentioned by name in the defeat review report. He was willing to take responsibility and once again "expressed his deepest apology" to the public and supporters.

"Grab some scarecrows to fight"

  "The review report on the defeat of the green camp is ridiculous," Lai Shibao, a "legislator" of the Kuomintang, said on the 29th that this report was not sincerely held accountable, and even reviewed the opposition party, turning it into a trivial analysis report, which was completely missing Political responsibility, and dare not touch Cai Su.

He ridiculed that the report "grab some scarecrows to fight", which is simply the biggest political joke at the end of this year.

Lin Jiaxing, vice-chairman of the Kuomintang Cultural Association, said that since the DPP's defeat, the executive branch has not been reorganized, and Su Zhenchang has not stepped down, which makes people feel no determination to reflect on it.

Qiu Chenyuan, general convener of the People's Party's "Legislative Yuan" party group, said bluntly that this report on the defeat review avoids major issues and does not delve into the reasons for introspection. It seems to be for DPP supporters and peers.

  Even the Green Camp internally disagrees.

DPP "legislator" He Zhiwei said on the 29th that this review report is just a formality. The DPP should think about what to do in the future and what is the future outlook.

You Yinglong, former deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party and chairman of the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation", said that since Tsai Ing-wen only allowed reporters to ask questions after 745 years, it can be seen from Tai Chi when responding to whether she should apologize for handling Lin Zhijian's "papers" , She has no intention of reviewing at all, let alone apologizing, "It's really strange that the DPP can write a decent review report on defeat."

  Shen Fuxiong, a former "legislator" of the Democratic Progressive Party, said bluntly on the 29th that if he was a censor, he would directly return this report without scoring, because "the party, the media, and the flanks were not named", and he did not dare to touch Cai Su .

He more vividly analyzed the defeat report in the form of an "autopsy report".

Shen Fuxiong said that the defeated DPP is like a corpse, Zheng Wencan is a pathologist who wants to clarify the "cause of death", and the autopsy report written after the "autopsy of the dead" is this review report.

As a result, the report found that the "cause of death" was a femur fracture caused by a fall that was not connected properly. "Accident.

Tsai Ing-wen is to blame

  Many netizens on the island yelled, "Don't mention that the whole party is plagiarizing, reviewing the ghost... This report is useless at all", and some people said, "Don't dare to review Tsai Ing-wen, this report is a piece of rubbish."

  "United Daily News" stated on the 29th that one month after the fiasco of "Nine in One", the DPP's review report was released. Although it pointed out that the "black money" problem was serious, it did not see who in the party were its representatives, and listed "papers" It was one of the main reasons for the defeat, but it did not mention the responsibilities of Tsai Ing-wen and Su Zhenchang, the highest level of the party, who were regarded as the culprits by public opinion. Said that although Tsai Ing-wen resigned as the party chairman on the day the vote was counted, how can her responsibility be wiped out with her resignation?

Not to mention that Su Zhenchang has remained in office so far, what responsibility is he responsible for insensitive governance, and what responsibility is he for ignoring the feelings of the people?

If the DPP still insists on defending Tsai Ing-wen after the defeat, it may be difficult to win the hearts of the people no matter how many review reports it writes.