China News Service, December 30th, according to comprehensive foreign media reports, on December 29th local time, the well-known Brazilian football star and "ball king" Pele died of multiple organ failure caused by colon cancer at the age of 82.

The Brazilian government has declared three days of mourning.

Politicians from many countries and institutions, as well as sports figures have also expressed their condolences.

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legend ends

Brazilian government declares three days of mourning

  On December 29, local time, the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil issued an announcement stating that "Ball King" Bailey died at 15:27 of the same day at the age of 82 due to multiple organ failure caused by colon cancer.

His funeral will be held in the city of Santos.

  According to Reuters, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced three days of mourning and said in a statement that Pele was "a great citizen and patriot who, wherever he went, could lift Brazil's image." reputation."

  In addition, Bolsonaro also posted that Pele "let the world know about Brazil" and he "turned football into happiness and art".

Bolsonaro also posted a photo of Pele holding a jersey with his signature for Bolsonaro.

  Brazilian President-elect Lula also posted condolences on social media. He wrote, "When he gets the ball, he always does something special, and these things often end in goals." Man can act in the name of our country like he did."

Image source: Screenshot of French President Macron’s social media

deep condolences

"He was an example yesterday, today and forever"

  After the death of "Ball King" Pele, politicians from many countries and institutions, as well as people in the sports industry, also issued messages to express their condolences.

  Infantino, FIFA president, wrote in a lengthy essay that Pele had "achieved immortality".

Infantino also looked back at the pinnacle of Pele's career, including his goal in the 1958 World Cup final.

  IOC President Thomas Bach called Pele a "great sports icon".

"He was a great believer in Olympic values. It is an honor to present him with the Olympic medal," Bach said.

  French President Emmanuel Macron also posted on social media, stating that Pele's legacy will live on forever.

He wrote, "Competition. King. Eternity."

  The famous Brazilian star Neymar posted two photos of him and Pele, paying tribute to the only legendary star who won the World Cup three times.

Neymar said, "Before Pele, '10' was just a number. Before Pele, football was just a sport. He turned football into art, into entertainment... He is gone, but his magic Forever. Bailey forever!"

  Argentine star Messi posted a photo of himself and Pele on social networking sites, and wrote: "Rest in peace, Pele!"

  Portuguese superstar Ronaldo posted the moment when Pele presented him with an award in 2008, and wrote in a long article: "Just saying 'goodbye' to the eternal ball king Pele will never be enough to express the moment surrounding the entire football world. The pain of the world. He was an inspiration to countless people, a role model yesterday, today and forever in the future... He will never be forgotten and his memory will always live in the hearts of all of us who love football. Rest in peace, Pelé, the king of the ball."

  According to Reuters, a minute's silence was observed at the La Liga game site, and the "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio de Janeiro was lit green and yellow to express condolences.