- We have made the assessment that Växjöortens Fältrittklubb is the actor that has the best conditions to conduct business in the long term, while the association has a short start-up distance, writes Thomas Ekelius, head of the cultural and leisure administration, in a press release.

A further five actors have shown interest in taking over the business, but Växjöortens Fältrittklubb is the only one of the existing riding schools that submitted an action plan for how the business should be conducted.

- We will still have our business in Bergunda, but now we can distribute and supplement it in a way that will benefit equestrian sports in Växjö municipality, writes Tobias Jönberg, chairman of Växjöortens Fältrittklubb.

At the beginning of 2023, the municipality and the Fältrittklubben will start planning the activities.