Signature Hong Kong-style food, nostalgic toy display, wonderful performances... Recently, the 56th Industry Fair hosted by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong kicked off in Victoria Park, Hong Kong.

There are more than 860 exhibiting booths with a wide variety of products, attracting Hong Kong citizens to this year-end shopping carnival.

  Shi Lide, president of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, said that the number of visitors to this exhibition is expected to reach one million. He hopes that the holding of the exhibition can further stabilize the business confidence of enterprises and inject positive energy into the society.

  Wide range of products and discounts

  As the oldest, largest and most attended large-scale outdoor trade fair in Hong Kong, the Industrial Fair has attracted many citizens to choose their favorite products.

The exhibition site was crowded with people, merchants shouted one after another, and many citizens left the venue with shopping carts full of loads.

  According to Shi Lide, there are more than 860 outdoor booths in this year's expo, and 10 themed exhibition areas including Hong Kong Famous Brand Square Area, Food and Beverage Area, and Home Furnishing Area have been set up to provide citizens with diversified products.

The conference and the exhibitors launched hundreds of shopping discounts at "breaking the bottom price". There were also a variety of special products ranging from 1 yuan (Hong Kong dollar, the same below) to 10 yuan, such as abalone noodles and skin cleansing cream, attracting citizens to line up to buy.

  In response to the relaxation of some social distancing measures by the SAR government, this year’s industry fair resumed on-site food and beverage tasting for the first time since the epidemic. The organizer estimates that this move will help merchants increase sales by nearly 20%.

A health food exhibitor said that the flaxseed and organic black sesame drinks provided by the manufacturer were well received by customers on site, and the popularity in front of the booth was even stronger than in previous years.

Mr. Zhao, an exhibitor who sells seafood, said that he is actively preparing for food tasting arrangements, such as instant abalone and soup dumplings, hoping to attract more people to try and consume.

  In order to cater to citizens' preferences for online shopping, the "Online Industry Fair" will continue to be held simultaneously this year, with an extension of 10 days compared to last year, spanning to early 2023.

Shi Lide said that this year's "Online Industry Fair" attracted nearly 170 merchants to exhibit and sell thousands of commodities, including food and beverages, household appliances and electrical appliances.

"I hope that exhibitors will seize the peak shopping season, strengthen product promotion, and explore new business opportunities in e-commerce."

  Featured activities to attract guests

  Tin merry-go-round, Rubik's Cube, rope games... In the "Classic Nostalgic Toy Zone", a series of toys that accompany Hong Kong people through childhood are "reloaded".

As a highlight of this year's industry fair, the theme area of ​​"Hong Kong Toy Age" was established for the first time with a lively atmosphere.

Nostalgic classic toys and new toys "Blending the old and the new" bring the history of the evolution of Hong Kong's toy industry to life, leading the public into the "time tunnel" and reminiscing about the wonderful childhood together.

  "Our booth mainly sells discounted products, and some nostalgic toys have also been repackaged, which are relatively new." Exhibitor Hongfa Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Deputy Chief Executive Officer Ye Yiya said that the trade fair has a large number of visitors and a good business volume, and hopes to take advantage of this Participating in the exhibition is an opportunity to promote toy brands, and at the same time learn about the products that the public likes, so as to further expand the local market.

  In addition to a wide range of products and great discounts, the trade fair also brought wonderful entertainment and leisure activities to the residents, including Cantonese opera performances, martial arts performances, music performances, and talent shows brought by the exhibition staff.

In addition, there are interactive game booths in the toy-themed area, and a crowd of citizens lined up to participate in classic games such as fishing for goldfish and hooping.

  "Today, there are not only free food samples at the venue, but also games from childhood memories." Ms. Guo, a Hong Kong citizen, visited the exhibition site with her friends.

She said that she spent nearly 2,000 yuan a day, mainly buying special food and a home game console.

"The atmosphere of this year's industry fair is very good, and I will come to buy holiday gifts with my family in the future."

  Exhibitors are confident

  It is understood that this year’s expo will continue to benefit from the SAR government’s venue rental reduction measures, and correspondingly lower various exhibition fees, including providing rent reductions for exhibitors and lowering admission fees.

The organizer expects that the number of visitors to this exhibition will reach one million, and the sales will exceed 1 billion yuan.

  Manager Yang, a Guangdong brand exhibitor, is full of confidence in this year's business situation.

He said that the social atmosphere is getting better and better this year, and people's enthusiasm for consumption is high. "This year's sales will be much better than last year."

Exhibitor Manager Lin also said that the atmosphere of this year's exhibition is good, the flow of people exceeds expectations, and he expects sales to increase by 10 to 20%. "Looking at the momentum, it should be possible to do it."

  "The opening of the industry fair has witnessed Hong Kong's economic take-off, and also demonstrated the "Lion Rock Spirit" of enterprises seeking change in adversity." Shi Lide believes that the scale of this year's industry fair has basically returned to the pre-epidemic level, which not only reflects that Hong Kong society has embarked on the road to normalcy, but also It reflects the gradual recovery of business confidence of enterprises.

The success of the exhibition will further boost the retail industry in Hong Kong, and at the same time attract more exhibitions back to Hong Kong, showing the message of "Hong Kong is back" to the outside world.

  On the opening day of the exhibition, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao, also came to the venue for shopping.

He said that the purchased items will be donated to those in need in the society, sending warmth to them, and revitalizing the economy with everyone.

"In the future, more events and events will be held in Hong Kong one after another. I believe the overall economy and atmosphere will definitely get better and better." He said.

(People's Daily Overseas Edition reporter: Jin Chen)