- It was clear that she had had a death struggle and tried to get out of bed, says daughter Eva Pålsson, who found her mother dead in bed at the municipal nursing home Ribbingska in Lund. 

It was during the second wave of covid-19 during the winter of 2020-2021 that Signe got progressively worse and finally died alone inside Ribbingska in Lund.

Signe celebrates her 100th birthday here.

"She didn't like being photographed," says her daughter Eva.

Photo: Private

"Obviously she's been lying down for a long time"

The parts of Signe that hung outside the bed were completely blue, says Eva:

- Her arm and half of her face were completely discolored.

It was clear that she had been lying down for a long time.

In the clip above, you can hear the daughter talk about the last picture of her mother.

But what Signe's last hours of life looked like is difficult to determine.

In her journals, everything is entered after her relatives found her dead.

Something that the patient committee has also criticized.

But according to operations manager Veronica Welin, someone must have been inside Signe's home no later than 40 minutes before the children found her in bed.

- That is what staff have told me.

Employees: "Vak is prioritized away"

SVT Nyheter Skåne has spoken to several employees at the facility who believe that vigil, i.e. that a person who is close to death has an employee by their side at all times, is given lower priority.

- There are not always guards deployed due to staff shortages.

Sometimes students or others are taken in, but there is no security for our old people.

After all, they should have someone they recognize when they are lying down and about to die in order to be as calm as possible, says one employee.

Even a notification to IVO that was made in September this year testifies that shifts are not being deployed due to staff shortages.

The manager: "We are generous with vigil"

But it is an image that Veronica Welin does not share:

- We are liberal with vigilance.

If an assessment has been made by a nurse that a user is on palliative care, we always put in a watch, she says.