China News Agency, Beijing, December 27th. According to news from the official website of the National Health and Medical Commission of China on the 27th, in order to further guide various localities and departments to implement the "Class B and B Control" of new coronavirus infection in a smooth and orderly manner, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the "Novel Coronavirus Virus Infection "Class B Control" Epidemic Surveillance Program" and other 5 documents.

  The "New Coronavirus Infection "Class B and B Control" Epidemic Surveillance Plan" requires that medical institutions at all levels and types carry out case diagnosis reports in accordance with current regulations, and report and correct severe cases, critical cases, and death cases as required.

All localities should use the territorial new coronavirus nucleic acid detection information system and residents' self-determination antigen information collection channels (platforms) to collect and report the number of population nucleic acid tests and residents' self-antigen tests and positive numbers on a daily basis.

Dynamically analyze the infection and incidence of the population.

  The above-mentioned plan also proposes that all localities will carry out whole-genome sequencing of the new coronavirus on some land, air, and sea port city inbound personnel, sentinel hospital patients, key places and key populations, as well as samples of positive nucleic acid tests in key places and key populations, as well as samples of severe cases and deaths. The sequence was submitted to the Institute of Virology, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on time.

Grasp the mutation trend of virus strains in real time, capture new mutant strains in time, and analyze the impact of mutation on virus characteristics and immune escape ability.

  The "New Coronavirus Infection "Class B and B Control" Detection Plan" stipulates that community residents "willing to do all the inspections" according to needs, and will no longer carry out nucleic acid screening for all staff.

Antigen and nucleic acid detection strategies should be adopted for different group classifications to timely detect infected persons among high-risk groups for severe illness.

During the epidemic period, nucleic acid testing should be based on "single collection and single inspection".

  The plan clarifies the test objects, which are symptomatic medical staff, patients with fever, respiratory infection and other symptoms admitted to medical institutions, severe and high-risk hospitalized patients, staff in elderly care institutions, social welfare institutions and other places where vulnerable groups are concentrated, People who are cared for and outsiders who enter the place, elderly people aged 65 and over in the community, patients with chronic underlying diseases, pregnant women, infants and young children under 3 years old, and the disabled, staff of key institutions, key industries, and key places, And ordinary community residents who need testing.

  The "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Infection in Key Groups, Key Institutions, and Key Places" requires that when the epidemic is severe, measures can be taken to reduce crowd gatherings in the short term, including conference centers, sports venues, cultural venues, and markets. Supermarkets, exhibition and sales venues cancel or postpone non-essential large-scale activities, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, farmers (markets) markets and other business venues stop promotions and other personnel gathering activities, shopping malls, banks, etc. shorten business hours, and catering venues should limit meals together Number of people, or cancel dine-in.

  The "Guidelines for Personal Protection of Novel Coronavirus Infection "Class B and B Controls" states that infected persons should not go out unless necessary, avoid going to crowded public places, and refrain from participating in gathering activities.

If you need to go out, you should wear N95 or KN95 masks all the time.

During the epidemic, long-distance travel is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women, children and other people with weak immunity.

  The "Training Plan for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Infection "Class B and B Controls" requires key training on vaccination, drug storage, medical resource preparation, hierarchical and classified diagnosis and treatment, and other measures. All localities and departments can highlight the key points of training according to the actual situation of the locality and industry. , It is necessary to formulate training plans and training implementation plans to ensure that all relevant training objects complete a round of training before January 5, 2023, and follow-up relevant training will be carried out according to the needs of prevention and control.

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