The ruling party criticized the Democratic Party for making a publicity list of prosecutors investigating cases related to Lee Jae-myung.

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon also raised his voice that it was undermining the rule of law, and the Democratic Party responded to the investigation by Mrs. Kim Kun-hee.

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This is the so-called 'web article', a publicity material distributed by the Democratic Party to the regional committee three days ago.

The real names and photos of the prosecutors are listed, but they are all prosecutors investigating cases involving Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung.

As the controversy grew as this promotional material spread through social media, etc., Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon poured out his determination on his way to work.

I used the expression of taking coordinates and cooking around, saying that the Democratic Party was trying to solve the criminal problem of Lee's individual by mobilizing an organization.

[Han Dong-Hoon/Minister of Justice: I think that publicly inciting public officials to take coordinates and stir them up, trying to undermine the rule of law (in this process), will go down in history.]

Democratic Party spokesman Kim Eui-gyeom said yesterday (25th) " The dark history of this investigation and prosecutors must be recorded."

The people's strength was also added to the criticism.

[Jeong Jin-seok/Chairman of the People's Power Emergency Response Committee: In fact, he is inciting all party members to fight against the prosecution.]

The Democratic Party drew a line saying that the prosecutor is a public figure, and that it is only a compilation of names and photos that have already been released to the media.

[Kim Hyun-jung/Democratic Party Spokesperson: They are frantic that the names of the prosecutors have been released.

Is the prosecution an upper organization of the power of the people?]

In addition, if the prosecution answers the investigation of Mrs. Kim Gun-hee, who said that the prosecution will end soon, saying that the prosecution is already heading towards the opposition, he will listen to other stories. It was sarcastic.

(Video coverage: Jo Chun-dong, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)