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Unless you are cut off from the world, you have already seen or heard of Minecraft.

This open-world survival game has become a benchmark of video games in a few years, giving players complete freedom.

You want to enter this universe, but you don't know which version to start with?

Here is a small comparison to help you distinguish them.

Minecraft classic game: the most popular

This Minecraft game is the original, the most popular and the most played in the world.

In a Java version for computer games, it is available in a Bedrock version, ideal for all consoles (Nintendo Switch, Wii, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.).

In this “sandbox” type game, the goal is simple: to survive.

For this, the player creates his world from scratch, by seeking and combining resources.

Construction elements, food, weapons aimed at eliminating creatures… Everything is to be done, with unlimited movement capacity.

Different game modes exist, satisfying creatives and adventurers alike.

The most played mode is undoubtedly multiplayer: players share a unique world and can collaborate or fight each other, always with the aim of survival.

Most :

  • An ultra-popular game;

  • Inexpensive to purchase;

  • Exists on all video game platforms;

  • The ability to advance quickly without paying;

  • Imagination is the only limit.

The lessers : 

  • A little tricky to master at first;

  • A few communities with an evil spirit.

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Minecraft Dungeons: the Minecraft universe for a dungeon-crawler

Developed by the publisher Mojang, pixelated blocks recognizable at first glance... No doubt, this version is part of the Minecraft franchise.

On the other hand, the similarities with the original game stop at these points.

Here, the studios offer a "Dungeon Crawler" type role-playing game, taking place in the Minecraft universe.

All the codes of the genre are included: a hero, accompanied or not, must complete quests by killing monsters and exploring an open world.

The adventure also begins with the choice of a character class, a very characteristic element of the genre: you will, in fact, have the choice of playing as a mage, a thief, a warrior or a paladin.

First person view, cameras, objects and game principle… It is completely different from classic Minecraft.

Most :

  • A not very expensive game;

  • A good role-playing game with perfectly respected codes;

  • The visual universe of Minecraft retained;

  • Excellent graphics and level design;

  • Exists on all video game platforms;

  • Playable alone or with others (locally or online).

The lessers : 

  • Completely different from the principle of Minecraft;

  • The game lacks a bit of originality;

  • Few levels.

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How to choose the ideal Minecraft game?

The classic version is considered the "real" Minecraft.

Indeed, the identity of this universe is in this game;

namely the total freedom left to the player, in a world of pixelated cubes.

Like many Hollywood movies or series, Minecraft Dungeons is more of a spin-off of the original game.

However, lovers of the heroic-fantasy genre, dungeon crawlers and other role-playing games will be delighted by this version.

Are there other versions of Minecraft?

In addition to the multiple game modes offered by the classic version, there is a version that parents will particularly appreciate: Minecraft Education Edition.

As its name suggests, this educational version is designed for use by schools or organizations, for educational and didactic purposes.

Programs in different school subjects and lesson plans are available for download for teachers. 

For the classic game, there is also a mobile and tablet version: Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Without offering as many features as the original, it is very entertaining while unleashing its creativity on Android or iOS.

A big advantage if you want to try before you buy: a free demo application is available.

Minecraft is a real phenomenon for gamers, but also for neophytes.

The game allows great freedom of creation, and total fun.

You now know which version to choose to get the most out of it. 

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